Alexander "The Mauler" Gustafsson, The road to UFC Sweden. Episode 1

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I would go so far to say that when you fought with someone you share a special bond with that person. A bond few people share as you have experienced something together...
This is something both fighters have choosen to do. There is absolutely no hatred for my opponent or something like that. It's only love. I am happy he's game and I get paid to compete. This is what pays my bills and my rent.
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And... I know I have went through a hell to be here. I have went through a tough camp. I have sacrified time away from my loved ones. I have traveled. I have went through hell to be were I am today. So I feel no real pressure. I know there is pressure from the fans but it does not effect me
The pressure increases from the fans but I have less pressure on myself because I am confident. I am doing this because I enjoy it. I am doing this for my own sake and thinking like that the pressure gets lesser. I have fun. Why should I go into this with a lot of pressure when I can have a good time?
Despite this Alex does not feel any preasure to perform
With a total of five wins and only one loss in the UFC Alex has slowly but surely climbed up the rankings and became one of the best MMA fighters in Light heavyweight
I won it pretty quick and did, according to many, a rather spectacular debut I am really satisfied with that match
My first fight in the UFC was really hard. I was nervous and a lot of emotions. That was a tough one and Jarred Hamman was 12-0 or something like that. He was a tough guy. I was really nervous
I got my UFC contract 2009 in september I think and that's one of my best memories I have had so far in life. It was insane and incredible. Among the best things that happened to me
After having competed as a professional for two years, Alex signed a contract (2009) with the world's greatest organization: the UFC. He became the third Swede who could call himself a UFC fighter. And that after only three years of training...
That's something you develope during time and the sport is more or less based on having a game plan and I had to learn that... It came with experience. Those were the days...
My first matches I don't even remember them because I got blackouts... It's just got black and it was pure brawls with no game plans
It was only a brawl
In my first pro matches I was not a technical fighter I had talent and heart and had power in my punches
He is packing a punch naturally That's something we saw right away
His boxing was from the begining on an extremly high level if you compare to someone who has not practiced this sport before
And began competing as an amateur
I felt pretty quickly that I had talent and I had boxing with me earlier I started in the beginners group and after one semester I was in the elite group
He's really adaptive and want to learn all the time
I show him a few times and then after a couple repetitions he does it better than I showed it
People he had a hard time with earlier he run over completely today and he learn techniques very quickly
When it started to work he progressed rapidly He goes from strength to strength in grappling
So what we focused on a lot, with him, was the foundation and not have such a hurry and understand the bigger picture
Alex Ground game ... When he came to the club he had no ground game what so ever, in principle, almost zero, but he was moving very good for a guy that's never grappled before
In addition to Andreas Alex also got Jesper Hallberg, Eric Del Fierro and Max Phillipsson to help with his training
I am training at Nexus Fighter Centre in Stockholm (Slussen) and there I have my main coach Andreas Michael He's the guy running it all. He's my trainer my mentor, my psychologist, my dietitian. He's my everything
Andreas who previously been head coach for the Swedish national team in boxing is the one who has ultimate responsibility for Alex MMA training and it is he who arrange Alex workout schedul before his matches
After his time in Gothenburg Alex moved to Stockholm where he continued with his MMA training at STHLM Shoot (Nexus Fighter Centre) and that's what he calls home...
Then shortly thereafter, he moved to Stockholm and then we started training together at STHLM Shoot (Nexus Fighter Center). Since then we have been training together, helped each other with matches, I've seen him make a success in the UFC. That's the way it is.
He fought in one of the matches and after that we exchange a few words.
I met Alex for the first time during a shoot fighting event in Gothenburg, where we both competed.
The combination of martial arts, the tactical and way of thinking behind it all together makes this sport has such charm and appeal to me
As with boxing it was a buddy of mine who took me to the first workout and I was immediately hooked. I liked the arrangement and it was a new challenge. I became addicted immediately. The sport is so broad. There are a wide array of techniques. You can never learn them all.
I started training in 2006 and saw the old Youtube videos with Wanderlei Silva and Fedor and the PRIDE events
At age 19 he went to his first MMA training in Gothenburg on Gladius MMA with August Wallen as coach
And that's how it all started...
I have always enjoyed close combat. That's why boxing was something natural for me. It was a bunch of buddies who were training together and it was awesome and cool.
As a young boy I was playing to soccer, hockey and did some wrestling. Yes, virtually all sports as youths are up to. I was very active.
As a kid Alexander tried as many other young people a variety of traditional sports, but he did not stick to any of them
With his aggressive fighting style, which often results in quick wins Alex has managed to win the hearts of the MMA fans
The 25 year old Alexander Gustafsson has gone from being a beginner to be one of the big names in the world MMA on less than six years
Alexander Gustafsson...
Amidst all this is a young Swedish guy who has established himself as one of the best practitioners of MMA
With the help of UFC MMA has steadily grown and is today the fastest growing sport in the world
Today's MMA has been around for over 20 years, but the sport dates back to the ancient Olympic Games
This feeling of total freedom and control over their own destiny is not found in any other sport And that's the reason why people love the sport of MMA
Not his coach, not his sparring partners and not even his opponent It's he (Alex) who decides if he will come out on top or not...
This is something he trained for all his life and he determines the outcome of the match. When the cage doors are closed it's Alex and only Alex who have his destiny in his hands
Alex is ready for the challenge
If he loses he will start all over again
If he win he takes a gigantic leap up the ladder in the world rankings and gets closeer to his big dream: To fight for the UFC title
When he takes on Thiago Silva in a sold out Ericsson Globe Arena
The 14th of april will Alexander Gustafsson face his bigest challenge so far in his career
I would even say that when you competed against someone, you share a special bond that few people have. You experienced something together
To the level that it is one of his strengths now
His offensive wrestling skills is something he improved considerably
He hits hard as everyone knows. It is no secret...
He was born a striker
As an MMA Fighter he's obviously an extremely good striker