Pairings: Blazer

Uploaded by wendyslookbook on 10.02.2012

Hi Everyone!
Welcome to Wendy's Lookbook.
Today, we are going to play with
an essential closet item.
It is super versatile, it's perfect to dress up
or to keep casual.
and what I look for in a blazer
are just little details that really make it stand out.
So for my blazer, to add more detailing
I actually had leather trimmings added
so I took it to my neighborhood tailor
and he replaced the collar and lapel with this leather piece.
But if you have an old blazer in your closet
that you just wanted to revamp
consider adding leather
or lace, or even a contrasting color lapel.
And it really just brings life to an old blazer.
I cannot wait to share the outfits with you, so let's get started!
This is our first pairing.
And I love keeping outfits streamlined
with a pop of something unexpected.
So for this look, we're pairing our blazer
with faux leather shorts
for that modern vibe. And we're finishing it off
with my favorite part...
leopard pumps. For just that hint of excitement.
But this outfit is great for those days where
we want to by stylish yet comfortable.
This is our second pairing
we're playing with shapes and silhouettes.
Our wide leg jeans help elongate our legs
while the structured shoulder of our blazer
keeps us balanced, creating an hour-glass shape.
Because our bottoms and top portions are so exaggerated
it is super important for us not to lose our figure
so the more fitted our jacket is at the waistline
the better. And we're finishing off our look with
silver tone jewelry, for a relaxed chic vibe.
This is outfit is perfect for all occasions
especially... brunch.
And this is our last pairing.
I really, really enjoy combining
casual pieces with more of a sophisticated structured piece.
so for this outfits, we are combining our chambray shirt
which has a very laid back feel with our blazer.
And, to add a pop of color
we're going to wear a scarf.
And this is actually a new way to wear a scarf.
So I'm really excited to show you.
We have a square scarf.
It's about 34 inches on each side.
And we're folding it at the diagonal.
And this is the fun part, we're going to spin it outwards.
So we spin it once,
spin it twice,
spin it three times.
We're going to use a bold statement ring
as a brooch.
So we're looping it through
And we're going to tie it around our head
and just underneath our collar.
Adjust it.
Here we are!
This look is great for school,
for hanging out with friends, or
just grabbing coffee.
Thank you so much for being with me
I hope you had fun.
A blazer is such a versatile piece
that would match with so many different outfits in our closet.
But thank you so much again
And I will see you soon on Youtube-land.