Expedition 206 Month One Wrap Up

Uploaded by expedition206 on 08.03.2010

- We're going to 206 countries...
- In 365 days
in search of happiness.
- Expedition 206.
- So this right here is where all the streets in Spain start.
This is 0 kilometer.
It's kind of fitting,
because this is where we start as well.
We actually have 206 balloons,
one representing each of the countries we're about to visit.
We've got people writing wishes and things on it,
and we're going to release all these balloons into the air.
How does a place like this make you feel?
Everybody just carries happiness from within him.
- I really want to see why the people here are so happy.
- And we came out here searching for happiness,
and the things we found were simply amazing.
- One, two, three...
all: Goal!
- You want to see thousands and thousands of happy people?
- We are here at the San Silvestre Vallecana 2009 race.
- We're standing here at Cabo da Roca.
I mean, it's just so amazingly beautiful.
- It's been great chatting to the people.
And they've been telling us a bit about what they're like,
the history of their country.
- So we're in Caracas,
and there's some food that I've been told we have to try:
- What makes Trinidad a happy place?
- It's just the best place on Earth, honestly.
I love Trinidad and Tobago.
- So we are in Saint Lucia.
You got that big, big smile on your face, man.
What's that big smile comin' from, man?
- My heart.
From the bottom to the top.
I love life. I don't love things.
- So we're in Antigua,
and this place is amazing.
- People in Antigua are pretty happy.
- So we're in Guyana.
Everybody we've found had smiles on their face.
- We smile always.
- I'm smilin' off the stress.
- Happiness is passion.
Every human being needs to find a passion.
Once you find the passion, you live your dream.
If you don't find that passion, you ain't livin'.
Find that passion and then live your dream.
That's my message.
- What's up, man?
We are on top of a fort in Nicaragua.
You realize how much of the world you really haven't seen
when you come to a place like this, you know?
So we're in Guatemala.
Happiness here is culture,
it's tradition, and it's that history.
- So we're here in Mexico City.
- Right now, we're about to have a ice cream float.
It's his favorite.
It's Coca-Cola with coconut ice cream.
So we are here in El Salvador.
And it's really, really beautiful out here.
- Here we are fighting the treacherous roads of Honduras.
- It's doesn't matter if it's cloudy and it's raining.
It's so great to be here.
- So here we are in Costa Rica.
A survey said that this is the happiest country
in the world.
- Whoo!
- This has been one of the most beautiful experiences
of my entire life.
- Everything is so completely different
from anything, anything
that you could have ever imagined.
- I love it too.
- And I've never felt so alive in my life.
- Three happiness ambassadors
traveling to 206 countries where Coca-Cola is sold,
discovering and spreading happiness
during a 365-day global journey.
Expedition 206:
an epic unprecedented journey
to uncover the real moments of happiness.