Ahmed Mekky Atr El Hayah -[Life's Tran] Full English Translate

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in each Movement of hour hane .my life is moving people and world changen , even the steel rust
and i'm the only one standing still some people choose way and it Succeeded , and others choose way and it Failed
its Difficult feeling people seeing you unsuccessful
your dad , mom and friends seeing you Unemployed
go up son and try .. i did a lot but i always fail
i tried many time " befor the goal go to faul"
i haven't any skill or corrupt and i go to my max power and more
in each work interviews they told me "go back with your Certificate and go sleep near any wall and take kiss"
I came back 'Flashback' i Calculated years of my age '30 years' and i found .. i Calculated 2nd and 3rd and i be Fear .
i looked in the mirror who much white hair i found and my father still spending on our home .
Treated from my family as a Dependent . my Confidence's gone , Success has become Impossible.
i wish i can run from myself , my family and whole world. i wsih run away to new world even for a second
and once day , my friend says "and who will show you the way " Not helpful friend but his friend , hear from the freinds
he invite me to party drug in night
i asked him 'hash',he's Laughs and he said take it. i said no , i Fear from Addiction
he said don't worry , you'll never addicted from the first time
he Convinced me and alredy i talke it for the first time
my Joints's cosiness , and i feel my soul's gone talking to myself inside me but outside i'm silence
all my problems like Disappeared and the Vision's blurry
and all problems i was have in the world , it's stray and die
Hours passed in second , and all group ready to go
i went my home at dawn , all my family was sleep
Burial myself under quilt , mybody's so cool i slept in Less than second , like who under anesthetic
the life's train is moving fast .. year after year
and i'm still the same as when i was have 1 year old
the life's same .. i'm the same
i'm bored of mylife
I woke up and i'm back to reallife and Boredom
the day's momving slow like a month or year
i wish the day move fast to have drugs agin
for back a king of mytime , far from the world who forget me
they let me have drugs everyday on invitation
i'm now already on the way , and the way's drawing
Surprised me my friend , he said to me Be a light
from where i can get mony for drugs everyday for me and you
if you haven't mony , you will be Deprived from us
since now there's no drugs for free OK ?! OK
i went home , and next day at the drug time , i feel Electrification on my body
i feel Whips on my back my nose's liquid and it leak
i want drug but from where can i get money
i started borrow from everyone even took from my brother's study money
now every one hate me , i Heavy on the people
50$ x 50$ x 100$ x 100$ i stealing everyday and everyone Doubt me
i sold everything i got it a gift before
my money's out .. till Came to me an idea
my mother's gold , my sister's mobile and my brother's laptop
i stold them and runing out of home , my father stoped me
he tried to prevent me , he hold my hand Deeply , i pushed him
he's Hit in the wall hes looked at me , how i'm his son and Hurt him
he took everything from me and locked the door , and he be anger
now i Asked Strangest thing that Possible to ask
i want money now or i'll do a crime
he said i'm crazy and yelled at me
all door of all rooms are opening all amy family are watching
they still Accommodate if its real or kidding
i took my sister daughter '3 years old' to the window
give me money or i'll throw her out Suddenly the Confusion's increase
my mother cried hard . i I woke up for a seconds
she throw money in my face , and she said with High voice 'dont show me your face again '
go out , you have no mother , you Most hated than devil
i took the money and run , knowing i'm not comeing back to home again
the life's train is moving fast .. year after year
and i'm still the same as when i was have 1 year old
the life's same .. i'm the same
i'm bored of mylife
i lost all my family and friends and i now i'm alone
and from where can i get money . i must found new way
suddenly i remmember my old neighbor , same my age he's Resident alone , his father work out the country he every month sending him money
i took him in the same way i did
i found a new source for money , home and friend
we having drugs with each other daily no one can see us there
his father Effort gone in 4 months
and once time , he had weird phone call his father knew his son steal him , then he's going to 'Intensive care'
all My temper has become Tense i increased the potion , the normal potion now it's not effect
tape of mylife Displays to me bad x bad i increased the druge more and more
i wish to end my life , like a water when it Evaporation
agin i incerased the drug , my body turned to yellow
my friend's panicking , why your body's yellow ? your body's sweating like who attk from Snake bite
although i'm sweating , my body is so painfully cold i'm panicking and tried to stand up . i fell down
my body's not responding to any order from me , my power's going
my eyes's going dark till blackness
the last Shot i saw in my life was Tragedy my friend's panicked and watching Parting of my life
the life's train is moving fast .. year after year
and i'm still the same as when i was have 1 year old
the life's same .. i'm the same
i'm bored of mylife
my life's ended so fast
I came back my life tape i didn't found anything good i did it , for Memories
i wasted my whole life
i'm regretul for each dark moment i lived
please god give me anothe chance to live again i'll go straight in my way until i die
it's very Difficult when you disappear from the world and people didn't remember any good thing for you
my english wasnt good but i traid to show u all words in this song not shortcuts like other video
translate by : Khaled Youtube : Me15486