42% of America Obese by 2030

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political buddy i just wanted to repeated
michener hertford
forty two percent of america will be obese by twenty thirty
42% of America will be obese by 2030
and according to doctor weil
creek dr
obesity is dance teacher his thunderbirds
beats wade boggs
back to slim and trim
based on his
studies over the past four years
top quality of care
now uses products personally keep myself in shape
and i feel younger every day
so anyways back to forty two percent of america
will be obese by twenty thirty
let's look at some
numbers are seeking see what's happening
sixty-two thirteen percent
was a piece
nineteen eighty fifteen percent
nineteen ninety-four twenty three percent
thirty one percent
in two thousand four
thirty three percent was obese
in two thousand eight thirty four percent
and two thousand ten
thirty six percent
expected anticipated
that forty two percent
you might be thinking
which it's being killed
all the problems of trouble
like these
heart disease
how much this is good
united states because
the government is taking
the health care system
or they're trying to do
and yet look at what great
they haven't had a profit
how does the andy field
depths nightmare you try to avoid at all cost
just think about how it's going to be with us
medical system
obvious that there's a problem
weight loss with management
differ ways of making money off of people gain weight
or simple solution discovered adoptable his studies
now the media would have you believe
right now exercise
but enough of the right through
not the right type
lap-band surgery
just take a moment
lap-band surgery deaths
so that they're not telling you
diet program
life light
dozens of lives
because i know there's a lot of people out there
who like to bear their head in the sand
org you can make a change
you have two options here
you can keep doing the same thing we're doing
number shown increasing bc
numbers don't lie
that's where doctor walker
can follow the advice
novels preferably both systems
like to see here charles barkley
week watches
charles barkley address
and then move on
you can't fault the advice but doctor bought
uses amazingly law system
deep guarantees that you lose weight because he knows
would be sitting in this country
and by deeds listen to this great value series
hell's kitchen
helplessly that down below
in ulysses wei-wei boston so easy
according to doctor wallet obesity is a matter of
mental deficiencies
vitamin deficiencies
amino acid deficiencies and other key nutrients
that are lacking
this is a simple
or your
we must stand today
bordered state
the healthy start pack slender affects
ncp as soon as possible drops
you can order them
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we can and
we can avoid
this being a reality of our country
picked our health info
they stopped buying 42% of America will be obese by 2030