Felicia Day extended interview from Elder Sign - TableTop ep 11

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Aug 23, 2012


Hi, I'm Felicia Day.
And I guess I'm most well known for making web videos.
My biggest fear about starting Geek and Sundry was just the
scope of doing like six or seven shows.
Your job as a web series creator is 90% after you make
that video.
Last year, 2011, I did The Guild season five and I did
Dragon Age, and it almost killed my soul.
It was way too much.
And when I had the opportunity to pitch a slate, I was like
what in the world am I going to be able to do?
But then I sat down.
I looked at all the people that I want to work with, all
the talented people who could help me do what I do and bring
their own talent and supplement the
things I don't do well.
And I've just been really fortunate.
Doing web video was completely coincidental to meeting my
co-producer, Kim Evey.
She taught me my only writing class.
So I took this sketch class because I was so
bored with my life.
And I was so upset and unhappy and depressed all the time.
And I would journal about how depressed I was.
And then like a year later we had lunch, and she said that
she was having a women's group that met to motivate their
careers in Hollywood.
And I was like this sounds really stupid.
All right.
And I would show up every week with my to-do list, and
basically it would be like I played World of
Warcraft this week.
And all the other women were trying to set up producing
projects and writing.
And it was kind of a ladies support group, which most
people do not know about The Guild.
That's how The Guild happened.
And then one day one of them turned to me and was like, you
really need to stop gaming because that's the only thing
on your to-do list every week.
I was like OK.
By January 1, I'm going to write the script.
And I literally wrote for 12 and a half hours on the 31st
of December because I was going to make that deadline no
matter what.
And that was basically 90% of The Guild.
My grandfather was a
physicist, a nuclear physicist.
He always had the most advanced technology.
So he would give it to my parents when he
was done with it.
So I remember when I was like six or seven he
gave us this laptop.
And this laptop was as big as--
I don't know.
It was this big.
It was not a laptop.
It had a screen like this.
And it was green and white.
And I was thrilled.
This is the most advanced thing I've ever seen.
And my mom was kind of a gamer, I guess.
She bought all these Infocom games that were totally text.
And I remember getting on there and trying to figure
these games at such a young age that were way too
advanced for me.
And that's how I started.
I watched her play, and then I just got addicted.
But my favorite games, in discovering all these
different games in producing TableTop, has been the kind of
games where you really are given a character.
So clearly I don't dress like this.
I clearly don't comb my hair every day.
So all these things that make me, they influence how I act.
And I think they influence everybody else, even if
they're not actors.
Gaming is the escapes that will help you find yourself.
Put that on a t-shirt, boy-yah.
Oh, god.