Android 4.0 Accessibility: Turning on Accessibility

Uploaded by googlenexus on 22.11.2011

>> ALAN: Hi, everyone!
>> I'm Alan Viverette and this the first in a series of videos on the new accessibility
features available in Android 4.0, also known as Ice Cream sandwich.
>> I have a brand new Galaxy Nexus here running Android 4.0 that I am going to set up for
>> I've already turned it on, so it's currently showing the welcome screen.
>> To enable accessibility, draw a rectangle, starting at the top left corner of the screen,
and going around clockwise, closing it off again at the top left corner of the screen.
>> NEXUS: After you turn on explorer by touch, you can touch the screen to learn what's under
your finger.
>> For example, the current screen contains app icons.
>> Find one of them by touching the screen and sliding your finger around.
>> ALAN: So, after turning on accessibility you hear a ding and it starts up the touch
exploration tutorial.
>> I'm just going to run through the tutorial really quick.
>> So first, I want to touch anywhere on the screen. So...
>> NEXUS: Good: keep sliding your finger around the screen until you find at least one more
>> ALAN: So, here I'm touching the gmail icon. It's near the center of the screen.
>> I move up [bleep]
>> NEXUS: To activate something that you are touching, tap it.
>> Slide your finger until you find the icon for the browser, then tap the icon once to
activate it.
>> ALAN: So just to get a sense of where I am, I'm going to move around
>> NEXUS: Phone. People disabled. Clock. Camera. Calendar.
>> Brows--. Your finger is touching the browser icon. Tap once to activate that icon.
>> ALAN: OK. So I found the browser icon and I can lift my finger once, and place it back
on the screen to tap [bleep] to activate the browser.
>> NEXUS: Good, to move to the next lesson, find and activate the "next" button, located
near the bottom right corner of the screen.
>> ALAN: I'm just going to put my finger back down where it was before.
>> NEXUS: Browser
>> ALAN: move towards the bottom right of the screen.
>> NEXUS: Phone. People Gmail disab-- Market.
>> ALAN: It's reading out all of the icons that I cross as I go to the bottom right of
the screen,
>> NEXUS: Good. To move to the next lesson,
>> ALAN: it's giving me instructions about...
>> NEXUS: find and activate the next butt... Next.
>> ALAN: Here is the next button. I'm going to tap once to activate it. [ding]
>> SV reads instructiontext: To scroll through the list, you can slide 2 fingers along the
>> For example, the current screen contains a list of app names that can scroll up or
>> First, try to identify a few items in the list by sliding one finger around.
>> ALAN: So, as before, I'm going to touch-explore by just putting one finger on the screen [bleep]
>> NEXUS: Good. Keep sliding your finger around to find at least one more item.
>> ALAN: So I'll move down [bleep]
>> NEXUS: Now place two fingers on an item in the list and slide both fingers up.
>> If you reach the top of the screen, lift your fingers, place them lower on the list,
and continue sliding up.
>> ALAN: So I can move my finger around.
>> NEXUS: People. Phone.
>> ALAN: Up and down, through the list
>> NEXUS: Camera
>> ALAN: to read each item.
>> NEXUS: Calendar. Browser.
>> ALAN: And as the tutorial just instructed me to do, I can put 2 fingers [bleep] on the
screen right next to each other
>> NEXUS: Phone.
>> ALAN: and move up. [clicks, pitch rising]
>> NEXUS: Good. Keep sliding your fingers up, to scroll some more. [clicks, pitch rising]
>> NEXUS: Showing items 4 to 11 of 32.
>> ALAN: OK. So, I've reached the top of the list and I'm going to put my fingers lower
on the screen..
>> NEXUS: Music. [clicks, pitch rising] You have completed the tutorial. To exit, find
and touch the "finish" button.
>> ALAN: OK? So, I've finished the tutorial. And you'll notice that, as I scroll [clicks,
pitch dropping]
>> NEXUS: Clock [clicks, pitch rising]
>> ALAN: you get audio feedback as to where I am on the list.
>> NEXUS: Showing items 7 to 14 of 32.
>> ALAN: And when I finish scrolling, it tells me exactly where I am on the list.
>> So now I am just going to move--
>> NEXUS: Message. Music. Mark--
>> ALAN: --forward on the list.
>> NEXUS: Sett-- Talk.
>> You have completed the tutorial. To exit, finish.
>> ALAN: And there is a "finish" button. So I'll tap that once. [bleep]
>> NEXUS: Use Google Location.
>> ALAN: So we are back at the main set-up screen.
>> At the center of the right side of the screen, there is a start button.
>> So, to find that, I'm just going to scan the screen very quickly.
>> NEXUS: Welcome. English United States. Start.
>> ALAN: Yes, there it is in the center of the screen.
>> I was just taking a slow swiping movement across the entire screen
>> NEXUS: Welcome. English. Welcome. English United States. Start.
>> ALAN: So that's how to turn on accessibility in Android 4.0.
>> And stay tuned for more demos of the accessibility features in Ice Cream Sandwich.