Audacity Tutorial How to Record Voice and Guitar at Same Time Multitrack

Uploaded by buckydurddle on 06.09.2012

hello thank you for joining us my name is Andrew Mercer and in this very
short tutorial and it show you how to multi track recording to
record for guitar
electric guitar in your voice at the same time in audacity to separate
and this comes from one of our subscribers named nine ya
nine ya ass how could he or she
the guitar ends the voice at the same time so this is actually pretty simple
in here
you would need to have your uh... a microphone connected your computer and
your uh... you beat are connected to computer and i'm assuming selected tutor
for now
they will be connected through some kind of ice they can mixer
but would you make sure to connected to your computer either through the lying
in or three usb
okay that being said
your onion mixture you couldn't
the uh... the
in each animal
to left or to write my sick and that's a balance
so if you have your microphone for your voice connected the channel one ninety
turned out all the way to the left channel one always elect if you're in a
kicker terrace connected into channel two you would turn all that to happen to
the right so channel one voice and left child to let's get her only for the
okay san diego now dad of course you mixers connected to your computer
nixon you need to do is in our destiny you actually need to
got to preferences
and under the audacity menu and being down here in device you want to select
the line ian or usb whichever one year using
uh... and then in your channels the defaults will be mono one channel you
want to select two
and that will let you record two channels at the same time left and right
you could go k
uh... now if i record something and on that record anything right now but if it
was a record something
the voice on the internet on the right to know
and you could try will be on the left him
okay so you have a stereo recording the two separate things anyway segue i want
my voicing one here are my guitar and yet it now
but what you wanna do then is a blast at is you'd you pull them looming you here
on the side
and ego split stereo track
and here you go now in the tracks have been split saved to disk retracts
one for you to turn
i'm unclear voice channel one and half year deter and then you can pay him a
little bit to the left of the writing getting nicer to mix and you can change
the volume of either
unity which needed to do
so there you go that's basically it
uh... this is multi track record in units simplest form so uh... have fun
with that
if you like this the argument from something he's described if you want to
keep track of all over the years they've got going on and there's going to be a
lot and there are a lot
so subscribe subscribe and that any comments or questions for you have a
question like nine ya had this question please put down in the uh...
in the discussion section below and i'll try to get to it ok take it easy
goodluck recording and i'll see you next time