Prank Call [Best Buy]

Uploaded by Canadianswithbrains on 21.12.2009

Random Jibirish To see me naked press 9
Were do I do that Tools
Audio Ring
Ring Thank you for calling Best Buy
in Glendle Please hold Hello?
Oh my god, Dick Hold music
Thank you for holding Oh, Thanks, You know It wasn't that bad, Its
like Ok Thank you for holding uhh hello Hello?
I need help with something What do you need help with, Sir
Well I know your store is called Best Buy What differs it from walmart if I wanted to
buy maybe a picture frame I dont understand your question, You want
to go to Walmart? Laughing
No I dont want to go to walmart I want to go to your store thats why I am calling here.
Uhm I wana buy a picture frame what kind of sizes do you sell
What type of picture frame do you want because we dont sell regular picture frames we only
have digital ones You only have digital ones?
What happend to the analog ones? We dont make an analog
Im talking to you mother fucka! What'd you say?
Stop talking about your brother Oh wow
Thats not very nice That one cut deep oh my god the blood is everywere!
No but seriously tell me were I can get a picture frame please
Why are you killing people in the backround? What?
Why is he bleeding? Whats wrong with your brother?
Heh. It's ok I'm just on my period. Now can you please tell me were I can get
a picture frame? Your on your period?
Yea Blood is everywere Your a man..
But your a man I know, I'm a vagina I'm a pussy
Thats not nice don't call here and talk about your mother and your brothers and the rest
of your family I'm cuffing them right now
Hey lets cyber I'm pulling up my dress Oh my god my vaginas right there
Hello Ok so..
Do you wana buy a TV a computer or a laptop? Because we don't sell Tampons
Thats not true, We can sell him some gift cards
You want an Iphone? Oh my god thers 2 people there what?
No theres 3, ones just not talking Oh my god hello?
Sorry its like an origy syber sex what is this?
Because I'm fingering Theres five of us now
Five of you now? Ok
Well I'm slowly undressing myself my dress is currently at my ankles oh my god im cuffing
my big large brests
Very Relumptous Hey this is the manager whats going on in
here Oh my god how awkward
Hi I just wana buy a TV Are they helping you?
Well no she was but then shes like "Excuse me who that hell calling here you
call up and talk about your brests what the hells wrong with you?"
Well thats why I'm here is there a problem? Thers a problem I would like to buy a television
set please, What kind of brand do you sell? Excuse me?
I'm not a sales personne I'm just the manager here.
If they arn't assisting you properly we can go up the chain and get you the approper assistants
but as of right now its sounds like they're helping you out just fine.
Well Well I would like my television set and all of the sudden she was talking about her
period and pains and its like oh my god theres blood everywere and jeromes helping out at
home and he just say you know what You know
Angelas is still wierd but she deffenitaly does not say that
Sir I'm not sure this is a real call anymore No This is a real call I would like to buy
a television set. Angela do you have this coverd?
Yes sir. Angela, I thought your name was sharp quanda,
YOU LIER No but seriously I wana buy a television set.