A Traveler's Journey: The American Mobile Healthcare Video Contest

Uploaded by AmericanMobileHealth on 13.06.2011

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difference in your life and the life of those around you.
I'd never left Philadelphia, which is my hometown hometown. Actually when I cam to San Diego
and opened up and my empty apartment door I started crying.
I was so upset, probably a week later I'd met everybody,I started going to the beac.h
It took me like two weeks and then I just loved it. What love about how travel nursing is the
flexibility I am able to find jobs anywhere as a travel nurse and am only
committed to being there for maybe thirteen weeks at a time. You know it was
a chance to be on vacation
fifty two weeks out of the year. Ahh the housing part of travel nursing, basically American
Mobile sets you up with housing or they give you a stipend to find your own
housing. The housing really helped my husband I to find at safe area
live in that's
fun live in
we have the flexibility we don't have to live far away from our jobs. I guess as a
travel nurse i thought that we would kind of get
very difficult assignments patient wise and honestly
the assignments that I have had the nurses are so
happy that you're there that they give you pretty good assignments and they help you and they are happy that you are there
One of the benefits of travel nursing
is that you have many specialties listed on your resume.
You Know you can really decide what you want to do and where you want to be without
having to commit
to something permanently. Being in California was probably
the best decision that I ever made at this time in my life. It's
definitely worth the professional and life experiences you gain.
You control your own destiny as a travel nurse.
American Mobile Healthcare is passionate about our travelers so we're creating a video
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