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>>Hey. Hope you are having a great day out there.
This is CNYFlavor where we help teach you how to cook on a shoestring budget.
and how to just put things together quick, easy, economical so you can stretch those dollars.
I’ve got a couple of great little segments coming up for you
that we’re going to put some quick recipes together
and help you to stretch your dollars.
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Hey. This is a wonderful meal that we’re going to put together.
We all know that the children love fishsticks.
Adults do too because I do too.
You can get any type of fishstick,
whether it’s Gorton’s, Van De Kamp’s, Walmart,
whatever the brand is that you particularly like.
I’m going to show you how to do a Fishstick Casserole with rice,
some cream of celery soup,
now you don’t have to use cream of celery,
you can use cream of vegetable, cream of mushroom.
There are some different variations that you can do according to your taste
or your children’s taste.
This is an actual casserole you can get done in about 25 to 30 minutes
after it bakes off in the oven and they’ll get to eat it all together.
The first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to cook the rice.
I got the Minute Rice instead of the long-grain, whole rice
because that takes a lot more time
and you have to actually cook it down
and you’re talking you can spend a lot of time.
So the first thing we do is I have my water over there starting to boil.
I’m going to cook two cups of rice.
The way the rice works, especially Minute Rice,
is it’s half the amount per the water.
So if I’ve got 2 cups, like I do, 2 cups of water in there,
I’m only going to use 1 cup of rice
because that’s going to make me the 2 cups of rice that is required.
I’ve got a little salt. A little pepper.
I’m going to chop up this onion here as my rice is on
because once the water boils
see, a lot of times people, when they’re doing the rice,
they’ll put it in and start cooking it until it boils.
Get your water boiling first, add the rice,
put your cover on it, take it off the heat
and let it sit for about 5 minutes . That’s it.
While that’s being done, you start your preparation on this.
So, let’s get started.
Okay, we’re going to take the onion here and we’re just going to dice this up pretty fine.
It doesn’t have to be too fine.
Remember always safety with your hands.
Okay. Just cut it down.
And you really don’t have to worry so much about
the uniformity of this particular recipe.
So we just chop it down.
Whatever technique you are comfortable with, use it.
And remember to go on,
that’s our website where you can get little tricks and tips
and stuff that can help you while you are in your kitchen.
Makes it easier for you.
So we’re just going to put this right in a stock pot.
Get that going.
We’re going to take Cream of Celery here
and we’re just going to put this right in.
And then I’m going to add one cup of water, okay.
Now a variation if you want it.
You could use milk too, or a skim milk.
It’s up to you, but I use water.
And I pour it right in the can because there is still a lot of flavor in here
because you know how it all sticks to the sides of the can
and I want to get just about every little ounce out of here that I can.
Shake it all up.
See how it’s all coming out?
Put the rest of the 1 cup in there.
Starts breaking it down.
Put that in.
I’m looking at a dash or a pinch of pepper.
Just a little between your fingers. Sprinkle it around.
And you’re looking at about a teaspoon of salt.
I judge it right by the palm of my hand.
If you feel comfortable using a teaspoon, just feel free to use a teaspoon.
Mix it up just a little bit and now it’s going to go over on the fire.
I already have the rice on.
I already explained how you just drop the rice in, shut it off,
take it off the heat,
It’ll start forming up within 5 minutes.
We’re going to bring this to a boil now
and then we’ll be ready to marry all the ingredients
and get it ready for the casserole that quick.
So we have the rice that is almost done.
We have the Cream of Celery soup in with the other ingredients,
the onion, and the salt and pepper.
It’s important when you put it in and
you are dealing with a cream of any type of vegetable soup,
even the mushroom,
it’s important that you don’t just put it in and not stir it.
If you want the quality of a restaurant,
it’s important that you put the time into it.
So you should stand there and stir it.
Otherwise, it can get lumpy
and it doesn’t come out with that fluidity, I guess is the word I was looking for
so that you can actually see the cream and it is just really smooth, silky-smooth.
So this is really coming out well.
I’m almost done with this.
I’m bringing it up to a boil.
It’s starting to boil around the edges.
Cream of soup can burn too.
So you’ve got to be careful of that and use the right pot.
Not walk away from it.
You’ll hear me say that a lot. Not walking away from things.
Okay. So this is up to a boil here.
It’s really cooking nice.
Another little trick here.
Don’t stick your nose over to smell it.
See the steam boiling up here?
Put your nose down and bring it to you.
That way it doesn’t get a burst and burn your face.
Bring it to you.
You’ll see cook and chefs do that in restaurants
and it’s really a safety thing so that you don’t burn yourself.
Okay. So this is all ready to go.
I put this on low now.
I’m going to bring my rice over.
I took it off the heat.
Oh, look at the steam come up.
So I’m going to marry this right now.
It will still continue the process and it will absorb some of the flavors from the soup.
Then I’m going to mix this in.
I’m going to let this cook down.
Remember that’s the terminology where I want to get some of the liquid out of it.
So I’m going to let this sit on a low simmer for about 5 minutes.
Let it simmer up.
Remove some of the liquid out of it and marry into the rice
and then we’ll be ready to put it into the casserole.
I’ll show you how to just spray it.
You can use Pam.
You can use Crisco.
But you do want it greased a little bit on the bottom of the pan.
We’ll lay the fishsticks on top and we’ll be ready to go.
So we have the rice mixture all ready to go.
It’s been simmering for a couple of minutes
and if you can see this, the water is really absorbed into the rice.
The other ingredients, everything is marrying really well.
We have our casserole dish here.
Again you can use Wesson, just put a light coat on. Crisco.
I’ll just use a quick cooking spray.
I have Pam here.
That’s all you do is put a quick coat right like that.
Shut your stove off.
And then this is going to go right in to the pan.
I’m going to take that
Put this over.
Get this all in there.
Nice and even.
I’m going to spread it out.
And then I already have my oven preheated to 350 degrees.
You know how with fish sticks when you bake them in the oven
you put them on the sheet pan, you bake them for 6 to 8 minutes
and then you turn them over and you bake them another 6 to 8 minutes,
you don’t have to do any of that with this.
You are going to take
I put 24 fish sticks here.
You are just going to sprinkle them here over the top.
You don’t cover it with tinfoil or anything.
Just like this.
As you can see, it’s all ready to go.
My oven is ready.
Drop my rack down.
Putting it right over the center.
25 minutes you’re done, ready for dinner.
So, it’s been about 25 minutes.
Everything is looking good.
The rice has absorbed all the liquids in it.
The fishsticks are on top, nice and done.
And we’re ready to pull this out.
Oh, look at that.
You can smell this.
The flavors.
You can smell the fish.
You can smell the rice.
Look at that.
Okay, now I did 24 fish sticks, which broken down,
if you are going to do a family of 6, you each can get 4 of them.
So that’s what I’m plating up is 4 at a time.
Just slide it onto your plate. Take some extra rice.
Now, if you want more fish to it, you could.
That’s basically it where you each are going to get 4 fish sticks.
Nice heaping plate of the rice that is all mixed in.
I’m going to set this down.
We bring you at CNYFlavor, the cooking on a shoestring budget,
economical meals that you can feed your family.
They’ll love you for it.
Hey. Welcome to CNYFlavor.
We’ve got a great segment in store for you today.
We’re going to start off and I’m going to do a wonderful Monkey Bread.
You ever go out to a party or someone’s house and they’ve got a nice little spread going on and you’ve got this nice Monkey Bread that you pick apart?
It’s got cinnamon and sugar.
I’m going to show you how to do that today on CNYFlavor.
It’s real basic ingredients.
You have your Golden Layer Biscuits.
They’re predone. You can buy them in any store.
Get them in the packs of 10.
These particular ones are the honey butter.
I like honey butter.
Let me tell you too.
Be careful when you open these because these are under pressure.
A lot of people don’t realize that.
Read the label. Because even on the label it will give you a caution
that you are supposed to actually open it pointing away from you and others
because they have been known to explode.
A lot of people don’t realize that and accidents happen.
Half a cup of butter. You can use margarine.
Whatever you prefer.
I use the real butter in this particular one.
Half a cup of packed brown sugar.
A cup of regular, granulated sugar.
We’re going to use a couple of teaspoons of Cinnamon.
Raisins. I’ve got about 1/2 a cup of raisins.
You can use nuts if you like walnuts or pecans.
You can use nuts too.
That calls for the recipe.
And I use Pam cooking spray for the greasing of the pan.
Now you can use a baking pan that you bake like banana breads in
or you can use a bundt cake pan.
Im actually going to use a bundt cake pan.
It’s real easy to do.
So we’re going to get started.
Look at the label.
It has a side that you take it off on.
Right in the corner.
Oop, hear that pop?
See. Bet you didn’t realize that, huh?
I had it positioned away from me.
You just turn the can and you’re going to take these right out.
Separate them and put them right on your cutting board.
Okay, then we’re going to take them.
These are 10.
I’m going to just lay them out.
And what we’re going to do first off is we’re going to cut them in quarters.
You don’t want to use the whole biscuit.
You want to cut it into quarters and then just stick them off to the side.
Remember when we bake these, they’re going to rise and expand.
So you take all of your biscuits,
we’re going to use 30 biscuits, and quarter them all.
That’s 3 cans of 10 each.
And we’re going to just take these as you can see
and we’re going to just them.
You don’t have to be exact.
So we take a regular plastic bag. One gallon.
It’s freezer or just a storage bag.
You’re going to take your cup of sugar and just dump it right in.
You’re going to take the 2 teaspoons of Cinnamon and you can be liberal with it.
It doesn’t matter if it goes over a little or under a little.
There’s a nice teaspoon there.
Take it and seal it up and just mix it all together.
And there we go.
Then what you’re going to do is
you are going to take 6 or 8 little pieces at a time
put them in, shake it up and transfer them to your bundt pan or your baking pan.
Now it’s important that you grease the pan
because after the cooking process is all done you invert it onto the plate.
That is what is going to create it so that you can peel it apart.
So I just take the Pam and just spray it liberally all throughout my pan.
Make sure I coat it all good.
Quick. Easy.
You can use Wesson. You can use Crisco.
Just to grease it.
That’s fine too.
So take them, just make sure they’re not all stuck together.
Take them. Put them right in.
Just move them all around. Shake it up.
And then you take them and you’re just going to layer them all over the bottom.
Doesn’t matter whether they are touching or not.
And we’re going to go through this process to fill the bottom of the pan.
6 or 8 at a time.
And then, I use raisins and I’ll sprinkle as I layer them.
I’ll do a bottom layer and I’ll show you this.
I’ll sprinkle some raisins around and then I’ll do another layer,
sprinkle some raisins around so that it all falls in with it.
And to do all this, you’re talking approximately $6.00.
So we’ll do this as the first layer just so I can show you it.
So here it is here. You’ve got your first layer.
We’re just going to take some of the raisins and just sprinkle them around inside.
Doesn’t have to be exact.
And there it is.
Okay. And now we’re going to do the next layer, raisins and so forth until I build it up.
Then we’re going to do our sauce
which is going to be the brown sugar and the butter
that we are going to drizzle and pour all over it
that is going to seep down into it before we bake it off.
So basically you’re going to just melt it down.
You can do the same with margarine if you like
the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, Parkay, whatever you feel like.
Basically you’re going to just get this melted
get this all started to melt down
and we’re going to add the 1/2 cup of brown sugar
and you’re going to bring it to a boil
You want to just boil it for about a minute.
That will marry all the ingredients
and the taste that’s going to come out of it together
which will make it into the syrupy mixture
that we are going to pour over the monkey bread.
You can see the butter.
It’s not all completely melted, but that’s okay.
I’m ready to put my brown sugar in because the butter is still going to melt.
You just work this all in.
So this is a little thick.
We’re just going to let it heat up now.
It takes about a minute.
It’s real important that you don’t overcook it
and that you stay on top of it, stirring continuously.
This is starting to boil right now.
This is about the consistency
if you can see the butter and how it is starting to foam around the edges
you’re done.
Shut your heat off.
Continue to stir.
Getting nice and thick there.
And if you can see that,
we’re ready to go.
Now, one of the things I do
because it’s real important when you’re dealing with hot liquid
sometimes you’ll take it and you’ll try and pour it all around,
I like taking it from one angle and spinning the pan.
It’s a little trick.
But you spin the pan.
That way you’re not going to be in a position where you might
spill it or burn yourself or your hand as you’re trying to do it.
So you take it and drizzle it right on there.
Look at that. Right on there.
Spin your pan.
Any little extra that you have sitting here, as you can see
I’m going to just take this and put it down.
Smells wonderful too.
When you cook brown sugar and butter
it gives off this sort of like a caramel apple that you dip.
Oh, it’s wonderful.
So here this is now.
As you can see, it’s all along the top
and it’s going to start drizzling down through the monkey bread
and all the little nooks and crannies that we have in there with the raisins.
This is ready to go into the oven.
We’re going to put it in for 30 minutes at 350 degrees
and I’ll show you what it looks like when we take it out.
So here we are.
We’ve got the Monkey Bread that just came out of the oven.
It sat for 10 minutes.
It’s important that you let it sit for 10 minutes
because that will let it all absorb, get in there
because when you flip it over
you don’t want it to just melt and all fall apart on you.
What I do basically is I take it and I’ll just flip it right over on a pan.
Look at that.
Now that’s as quick and as easy as you can do it.
Now what you do is by putting it on this you can drizzle some raspberry sauce,
some chocolate sauce, whatever you want
around the edges to make your dish look really good.
And now it’s all ready to just pull apart.
Just to show you for argument’s sake
that’s all you do
I’ve got a little knife here okay
but you’re going to just take this and pull this right apart
and that’s why it’s called Monkey Bread
because you can pull this
Look at this and it’s steaming and it’s hot
and I’m going to eat this right now in front of you.
Oh my God.
That is so good.
You can see the raisins all inside.
You can do this quick, economical on a shoestring budget at home.
CNYFlavor is where you learn how to do this.
Hey. Scott Tranter here, host of CNYFlavor.
I’m really excited about today’s show
because CNYFlavor is the first cooking show
that features Central New York flavors of our community
and the local things that we do.
I’m sitting here at Candies ‘N Cupcakes in Rome, New York
with the first CNY Cupcakery.
I love that word, cupcakery.
I’m sitting with the owner , Liz Davis.
The young, bubbly, vibrant Liz Davis who is the owner and operator.
You have a wonderful store here, Liz.
Can you give the customers your address?
>>Sure. It’s 2047 North Madison Street in Rome.
The phone number is 794-6019.
>>Now Liz, what are your hours at this location?
>>We’re open Tuesday through Friday 9-6 and Saturday 9-5 and Sunday 9 to 1.
What a lot of people are out there looking at
they don’t understand when you say candies and cupcakes
just what that entails.
>>And I look around and I see all different candies
stepping back from the time I was a kid and beyond
and some of the newer stuff and I was pretty amazed
at some of the things you have for sale.
Could you tell the audience a little bit about
the candies and cupcakes that you actually have?
>> It’s basically just a big candy store because that’s definitely
what I wanted it to be even if I didn’t do cupcakes,
I knew that I wanted to open a candy store.
And so it would have seemed natural to have combined both.
The cupcakes, well we’ve been doing it for about 3 or 4 years now
and we have over 40 flavors and they’re all made from scratch too.
>>40 flavors?
>>mm hmm.
>>And you have some specialty cupcakes too.
>>We do. We have the option gluten free cupcake, sugar free cupcakes.
We make cupcakes for dogs are all natural.
>>I have dogs. If I wanted to buy my pets some treats, you make them.
>>So I have dogs and if I wanted my pets to have some treats you make them..
>>We make them on the weekends. Yes.
>>Now, you mention gluten free.
>>mm hmm.
>>That’s pretty big today.
Something that’s been spreading across the country for people that are celiac
and they can’t have those certain grains,
you make them so that they actually taste good though.
>>And you can’t tell the difference, can you?
>>No you can’t actually.
They are actually really tasty, especially the chocolate one.
>>So Liz, I’ve got to ask you,
you mentioned 40 different flavors of cupcakes.
I’ve been in the business 39 years.
I’m a chef and I can think of a lot of flavors,
but for cupcakes I can’t come up with 40.
Can you talk a little bit about the different flavors that you offer here?
>>Well we used to offer more flavors but people just got so
they couldn’t decide what they wanted.
>>More than 40?
>>Yeah. And so we have, we carry about 9 basic flavors every day
and like 2 or 3 specialty flavors.
>>If you carry 9 and 3, you’re leaving 20 something out
is that for special events, weddings? Do you do that?
Do you do showers? What do you do?
>>We do pretty much everything.
We do small events like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, baby showers, christenings
>>So that if anybody that is watching this is having a shower
or an anniversary or whatever party,
they could work with you and you would cater to their needs?
>>Yep. We even do tastings in the store
so if people wanted to schedule a time to come in,
they can choose 4 or 5 out of the case and try them.
>>That’s a wonderful service.
>>See now that’s, that’s the lost art of customer service right there.
>>mm hmm.
Where I can come in and actually sample the stuff.
>>mm hmm.
>>I look around and I see all sorts of different candies.
Talk a little bit about some of those candies.
>>We try to carry lots of candies
but it’s kind of hard to get every single person satisfied with what we have.
But we carry like lots of sour candies, gummy candies, hard candies.
We carry sugar free candies, chocolate candies,
old-fashioned ones that are hard to find.
>>You’re a young woman just starting out,
your mom gave you a lot of help right?
>>Would you like to give a shout out to your mom?
>>Sure. Thanks mom for all your help.
>>Thanks mom. That’s it. Mom’s got to get the help there.
Well, you know what, it’s really been a privilege here
to be able to sit down and talk with you and see this concept
because this concept is sweeping the nation
>>mm hmm.
>> It’s in every genre, every city now
and to have it in upstate New York is just
it’s a privilege and it’s an honor to sit down and talk with you
and I’m actually going to purchase some of the stuff
and bring it home to my grandkids before I leave.
Is there anything you’d like to tell the audience
that is watching right now on the effects of
why they should come in here and give you a try?
>>I think it’s good to support local bakeries
and anything that is local that you can help support is great.
>>And it’s the best.
>>Instead of ordering things from New York City like Crumbs
and things like that, I think it’s great to get things you can get around here.
>>That's great. Well I wish you all the best.
It's been a pleasure for CNY Flavor to come to
this location and to be able to talk with you
and find out everything that you do here.
>>Thanks for coming.
>>Thank you. Thank you very much Liz.