Chrome for Android Remote Debugging

Uploaded by GoogleDevelopers on 30.01.2012


Hi, I'm Boris, an engineer working in
Chrome developer relations.
Today, I'd like to show you how to use the remote
debugging feature in Chrome for Android Beta.
Before you get started, make sure you've installed the
Android SDK, which includes the Android
Debug Bridge utility.
Once ADB is installed, run the following
command in your terminal.

Next, enable remote debugging in Chrome for Android by going
to Settings, Developer Tools, and enabling the option.
Now, you'll be able to view all open tabs in Chrome for
Android by accessing local host on port 9222 in your
desktop browser.
Clicking a link in your desktop browser opens the
Chrome developer tools for that tab.
Here, you can see the Chrome developer tools inspecting
your mobile browser.
As you'd expect, hovering over an element in the inspector
highlights it in the browser.

You can manipulate the page using the same Chrome
developer tools you're used to.
Here, I've hidden an element by setting it's CSS display
property to none.

You can also run scripts in-line.
Here, I've created an alert in the inspected page.

Remote debugging gives you access to these, and many
other, powerful dev tools features, such as live
editing, HTML, CSS, and Javascript, breakpoints, and
code beautification.

For more information about remote debugging in Chrome for
Android Beta, visit