04 Miriam & Rebecca - English&Spanish subs (cc) - 22 Nov 2010

Uploaded by MiriBecca on 22.11.2010

Say, Becky, did I hear you right earlier? You're a ... ?
A lesbian? No!
I... I've just ....
... talked about a girlfriend.
Yes, right.
And she came out to me today.
She said: 'I'll have to accept that I'm a lesbian.'
Excuse me, I'm not hungry.
What's wrong with her?
Her sister died.
Uh, I need to go too.
Oh Rebecca, give my best regards to your friend and tell her that being a lesbian is not an illness!
I will.
[Thank you for the lovely afternoon, Miriam.]
Uh, and wait for his call all day long? I'm going crazy!
Really? That's great! See you in a sec.
Hey! Would you like to go shopping with me and Helena?
Uh, I'd love to, but I have to get this done.
Did somebody approach you about it yesterday?
Oh! No, fortunately not.
Thanks again for helping me to change the subject.
I can't imagine having to discuss with my whole family if I...
... if I'm a lesbian or not.
Well, I wouldn't take it too seriously.
It was a kiss and you liked it. That's it.
Miriam sent me a text message yesterday evening.
She wrote 'Thanks for the lovely afternoon.'
Maybe she's into me.
Maybe you should just ask her.
Ask her? No, impossible. I'm way too busy.
I see. Well, if you're so busy, then your confusion can't be that bad.
In most cases the foster children remain with the foster family.
But not all of them.
Man, imagine, you just took the child into your heart,
then the biological parents appear and want the kid back!
And then you realize that they are totally horrible parents and the kid will have an awful time now.
Then you'll have to collect the kid's favorite teddy and the favorite books!
Do you know what I mean?
Yes, but if you make a decision you shouldn't expect the worst case scenario.
Even if it sounds cheesy, I think you should listen to your heart.
It always knows what's best.
Everything alright?
Er... what?
Are you okay?
Yes... er... would you excuse me for a sec?
And another muffin, right?
Well, my heart says: No!
Yeah, great, but that's not what this is about.
I beg your pardon?
If both of them love each other...
Yeah, right! Both! Two!
Yes, but they are two!
No, they are not!
Okay. What exactly are you talking about?
Because I'm talking about Olli and Christian.
It's not important.
But you've already applied for foster care with child protective services.
Didn't they explain everything to you?
Yes, but some questions occur later.
That's why we'll go over there again and clarify those as well.
See you later.
Good luck! - Thanks! Bye! - Bye!
Here's your cappuccino. I made an extra effort.
Thank you!
I knew it!
You think I fell in love with you!
Okay, yes.
But this was the first time I've been kissed by a woman.
But just to get rid of those stupid guys.
What do you think?