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M: You know, we've been over this. Z: Yeah, I just don't see why they have to move. I like having them 'round.
M: Yeah, as do I. But not forever. Z: Well why not? Just think when their babies come along, they can play with Kamil!
M: Yes, but is there anything less conducive to making babies than having your parents sleep in the room next door.
Christian!? Early start? C: Yeah, I'm just getting the kit in. I've got a shift at the Vic first, so I'll come back later.
M: Alright, well I'll get Syed to come over later, he should be helping you out. Z: He's got a lot on right now.
M: He'll be over. See you later. C: Alright.
M: You know, he should make time. The sooner it's painted, the sooner we're out from under their feet,
and then the happy couple can enjoy their new home, know what I mean? Z: Maybe you're right.
Excuse me, I've got some shopping to do. M: Alright, bye. Z: Bye.
Okay, six pounds, huh? What kind of discount can you do on five?
H: Mrs. Branning, are you really, really sure you don't mind looking after George?
Z: What's she going to say? She's already said 'yes' once, hasn't she? H: Alright, thank you. Bye.
Z: Well, how many times are you going to make her say it?
H: Look: these are no good either. What are we doing with them, anyway.
D: Right. So. What's all this about then? Z: I will explain everything once Shirley is here, alright?
H: What about Jane and Bianca? Z: No, they couldn't make it.
D: I'm not surprised. Expecting everyone to drop everything. It's not even the usual day, is it?
S: What's this book club emergency? Library on fire? Z: Right, come on. Let's get to work, shall we, please?
Z: Okay, come on, everybody ready? S: What are we doing here? Has she brainwashed us or something?
H: No, we do this, we get a free pass to whatever book we don't want to read, right?
S: Oh, what a great deal. Who died and made you queen of the book club?
Z: Ok, I'll throw us all in curry later. Keep us all going?
Okay, how about... samosas. For every book club for a month.
No? Mango lassies?
Okay, you know what? I thought that you guys might actually want to help out a friend.
But if it's too much trouble, forget it.
Oh... I see. You were teasing me, were you? Enjoyed getting a rise out of me, did you? S: Teasing? I wasn't teasing.
D: Oh, look, you're making us decorate, Zainab, we got to get our entertainment from somewhere, ain't we?
Z: Alright, let's just get on with it, come on. D: Which color goes where, then?
H: Have we really got to use this roller?
Z: Why don't we just open a tin and start splashing it on. It can't be that hard, can it?
D: This is really good exercise. Now that the bike's gone, a little bit of this every day, and...
Z: Yeah. And your place will be halfway near decent in no time. D: What do you mean halfway decent?
Z: Oh, come on, are you blind? H: Ow! It's got in my eye!
D: No, but Heath might be. Get her some water, will you?
You should have given us goggles, you know.
H: I've got to be in the laundrette in a minute. But I can't go like this! S: Here, I've got some water here.
Z: Hold on, hold on, one minute: it says that if she rinses it out straight away she'll be absolutely fine.
Please, can we just stop sniping at each other, huh? We're supposed to be working together here.
Can you not just go in a few minutes late for work? Say you're helping out a friend?
C: Well, lookie here. If it ain't the Teletubbies.
Z: Christian. See, I've got my friends 'round here, helping me out. So that Amira and Syed can move in before you know it.
C: Yeah, good to have the help. I'm only here as a favor to Amira anyway.
Far as I'm concerned, sooner we get done, the better.
Long as it don't affect my fee.
S: I'm sorry?
C: Well, it's just Amira's agreed my rate for this job.
I don't want to lose out, because you guys are here out of the goodness of your hearts and all.
H: Mango lassies? D: Samosas?
S: You're paying us in pastries and he's getting hard-earned cash?
You're making people late for work so you can get a freebie? Come on, Heath! H: Yeah, what's a mango lassie?
C: Well, this is cosy. Just the two of us.
Z: Pleased with yourself, are you?
C: Quite pleased. At least one of us is painting the wall the right color.
Z: Think you're so clever, don't you?
C: Is that a rhetorical question?
Z: Why are you so hell-bent on destroying my family?
C: Is that a rhetorical question?
Z: I know what you're doing. You're trying to steal my son. You're trying to drag him down with you.
C: You really are scared, aren't you?
Why? 'Cause you think I stand a chance?
Z: I will not stand back and let you do this, do you understand me?
C: Like I would want your self-loathing, in denial, closet-case of a son.
C: Well that is ruined. And you're going to pay for it. Z: Don't push me.
C: You're pushing me, Zainab. Z: Well obviously not hard enough.
I mean, how much pushing would it take, huh Christian? How much pushing would it take to push you out?
C: More than you're capable of, darling. Z: Oh, really?
C: Just lay off. Z: No, you lay off!
C: Zainab! Z: Get off!
C: Stop it, alright? Z: No!
C: Stop it right now, I'm warning you! Z: Why, what you going to do, Christian? You going to hit a woman?
You are such a coward.
M: Surprise!
What's happened, are you alright? Z: Do I look alright? Look what he's done!
M: Come on. It was a mistake. Come on, Zee. Why would Christian want to push you into a load of paint?
Z: Can't imagine.
M: Alright, look. Why don't I go to the cafe and go and get your mum a nice cup of tea. Okay? Back in a minute.
Z: That man is not to spend one moment longer in this place. S: He's our decorator. What do you want me to do, fire him?
Z: Effective immediately. S: Why don't you just explain to Dad what your problem with Christian is?
Z: Look at you with Kamil. Hm? You're a natural.
This place, it's yours. Yours and Amira's to start a family. To begin a long and happy life together.
And I don't want that man messing things up for you. Do you see?
S: Yes, I see.
Z: Well, at least all of this achieves something. Christian will have got the message. That he's not welcome here anymore.
(background music) you gotta fight fight fight for this love..
C: Sorry.
Z: You. Haven't you done enough?
C: Enough? Look, I've done my best. Tried to steer clear. Tried to keep you happy. But I've finally seen: no. Not enough.
Z: Good. Then maybe you'll move away, and let us just get on with our lives.
C: It's not enough for me. And it's not enough for Syed either. That's what you're so afraid of.
You're his mother. Know him better than anyone. And you know, no matter what he says, I'm what he really wants.
Z: No. C: I want Syed back. And I'm going to get him.