American Potato Salad Recipe : Make Dressing for American Potato Salad

Uploaded by expertvillage on 05.03.2008

Hi! This is Richard and today on behalf of Expert Village, I am going to show you how
to make some good old fashioned American potato salad. So we are going to add our mayonnaise.
You want about a cup. I like to eyeball it. If you want to use a cup, by all means definitely
use it. I am going to say that is about a cup and I am going to start mixing it all
around. So you've got just our scallion, we've got our chopped celery, we have our egg yolks
that I mashed in that, celery, scallion and dill pickle, so that is going to be your recipe.
See now like you eyeball it. That's why I say eyeball it. If you see it doesn't have
the right consistency, you might just want to add a little more. You are going to have
to play around your salad. It's usually around a cup, so measure it out. Do what you like.
That's our dressing really and when we come back, we are going to show you what to do
with the potatoes and we are going to add this all together for American potato salad.