Kpop Music Mondays - GDTOP "High High"

Uploaded by simonandmartina on 20.12.2010

This week's Music Monday is the "Martina didn't give me any choice edition"
with GD&TOP's "High High"
*fangirl moment*
Ok let me just say I totally dig this song.
The bass-heavy beat has a Benny Benassi feel to it
*more fangirl moments*
And I grew up a huge fan of Slick Rick, so any reference to Slick Rick
will win me over easily. No joke.
*Martina still in her fangirl stupor*
Anyhow, I'll tell you what I really like about this video.
Ahem. Look at all them white people! Isn't that super? Martina? No?
*She won't stop*
Whatever. Anyhow, this is the kind of video I want to see more of
Kpop bands dealing with the outside worlds a little bit more
GD&TOP are dancing with actual girls. Lots of em, in fact.
This isn't just a video of bandmates isolated from the opposite sex
and dancing all cutely and sexily with each other
so fanboys and fangirls can squeal and pee themselves in girlish delight.
*oh boy*
It's watchable by people who are just being introduced to Kpop,
and lends itself better to being viewed internationally than, say,
some of the other kpop videos we reviewed. But I'm not gonna name any names
*Name that tune!*
Not gonna move, eh? Just gonna stand here all day and watch that video, eh?
No? Not gonna move? Pretty comatose? You leave me no choice!
Ahhh. And I'm back. Ok, I'll admit, I'm a bit of a fangirl when it comes to Big Bang
More specifically with TOP, yeah, so yeah I definitely enjoyed this video,
but if I must, if I must talk about something different than TOP and GD,
because of Simon, I'm gonna talk about this:
Starting at around 1:02 you can see that GD and TOP are dancing in a circle at the club
and they're protected by the world's lamest bouncers. I mean,
talk about grumble faces. They have absolutely no expression whatsoever.
They don't even have cool sunglasses on. They're not even like, casually grooving to the beat,
and, frankly, if I was those girls that were behind the bouncer, I'm pretty sure I could take em
Oh my God! TOP over here! OMG OMG! Wh...
*club music*
I can take him!
Ohhh! They were a lot better trained than I thought.
I bet there's like a great pile of unconscious fangirls at the feet of GD and TOP
but we just can't see it. Ohhh.
Now there isn't really a specific dance in this video because, well,
they're in a club and they're kinda just dancing in a party.
There are a couple of parts that are really adorable, of course,
like, I like the hihihihi lolololo part
And there's this one part when they're sitting down and they all do like the WHOOOOO
like this and it was so cute and when I saw it I was...
FOCUS! I will use this again missy.
What I meant to say was: TOP and GD are quite the gentlemen and they have quite the ability to
woo the opposite sex with their dance moves.
Ok I'm not really sure if this is supposed to be a fashion thing or an inside joke or something
but can somebody please tell me why G Dragon is rocking a finger moustache
You see, I only use a finger moustache when I'm trying to trick the people at HomePlus
to give me more than one free sample. You know what I'm talking about.
*sounds of the supermarket*
As for the English of the song we give this a
5 out of 5
Seriously, no problems with the English here at all.
They even spell really big English words while rapping.
Maybe it was just me, but the first time I head the Ghetto Electro part,
that word went on forever. I actually had to listen to it like two or three more times
to figure out what they were actually spelling.
It kind of seemed like a Spelling Bee gone wrong.
Contestant number 1337.
Your word is Ghetto Electro
What is the language of origin?
Originating from Korea, it was first heard in the mythological pairing
of a dragon and a white haired extremely good looking man.
What is the definition of the word?
Generating power for your home via money saving methods.
Can you use it in a sentence, please?
Honey, the hamster is not running fast enough to generate enough Ghetto Electro
to heat my shower.
Ok I think I know. *cough*
G-H-E-T-T-O E-L-E-C-T-R-O.
That is correct!
Last week we asked you who committed the worst fashion crime:
F.Cuz, I mean, focuz with "Wanna Be Your Love"
or GD with "Breathe"
And, well, F.Cuz won by a lot, which means,
they committed the worst fashion crimes,
which means: their fashion was pretty awful!
Now, for the record, I think GD is a total, awesome fashionista,
and it wasn't my choice to put him in the category,
but, he does do some questionable things sometimes,
so we had to put him against them. Congratulations F.Cuz
For this week's showdown we're gonna ask you something different.
Something very deep. Something that's gonna rock the bottom of your soul.
Who looks better in the GD&TOP video.
GD or TOP. Leave your votes in the comments and we'll announce the winners next week.
FYI I'm gonna spam my own website with votes for TOP so that he wins. YES!!!
Ok you're cut off missy [NO! NO!]
Put those legs down! You're done [ahhhh!!]
Thanks to everyone who requested GD&TOP this week,
and there were a lot of you who requested it.
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