[ENG SUB] MBLAQ's Sesame Player Ep 10 Part 2 (2/2)

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Come on, last round, last round.
Now, if you grab the toy you get punished.
If we grab it, immediately.
Who will be the last one to get punished?
Immediately, after saying it.
Yang Leader, punishment!
This is so weird!
The stockings!
G.O will choose his punishment~
Do parodies until "First place" laughs
The one who loses next will be number one!
I'll be first!
Cheondoong Vs G.O Vs Lee Joon - Who will be 1st?
I'll do it
He put it here, if he has put it there it means that it's easier to make the toy jump
This Joonie / What has happened?
Oh I'm first? This is so strange!
Don't laugh, don't laugh.
Today is Joonie's birthday?!
Seungho's Talent time(?) dedicated to 1st place, Joonie!
Will he make Joon laugh?
Think that this is a test for comedians
Come in
Do it
I think I already know what you're gonna do
Because it makes me laugh?
He laughs alone
Laugh, I said!
"Make Joonie laugh"'s first try : FAIL!!
Hyung, wear the stockings just one time!
Wear them on your feet (= two foot)~
And do it like the little mermaid
You have to flap(?) like a fish
Mermaid Yang begins
What am I doing?!!
He's still fine
He looks away...?
He isn't looking, he isn't looking~
Now, what's Yang's next method?!
Can't stop laughing!!
Take it, please.
Is LeeJoon is danger?!
One more time : FAIL!
Again, what is he going to do?
Yang leader's "walking with both hands"
He approaches him so realistically and provocative~
Cheondoongie likes it so much
Using both hands he even does the "Moon walk"
He tries to hold it inside!
I'll do it for Seungho
Is he going to be able to do it?
He now biting his mouth
Something weird
To begin, his way of approaching (Joon) isn't normal
("Ppoppo"/Peck) Kiss me!!!!
He finally laughed!
He starts to laugh and doesn't know how to stop
We'll be back next week with more!
MBLAQ's Phone: MBLAQ's max power!
Today's our debut in Japan
It's here, in this place, in Osaka!
Excited/Happy Satisfied/Happy
Our debut in Japan is today, the capacity is 600 people
But there are 4500 outside!
4500 Japanese A+ have invaded Osaka!
Wherever they are, MBLAQ gets a lot of love <3
They start with their debut song
Since the beginning they're stunning!
Next song, the one that has received a lot of love outside Korea
It gets better and better!
To the people who have come to see their debut, MBLAQ officially give them their greetings.
Osaka can go away~ Only cheers to MBLAQ!
Now, they begin with their Japanese official debut!
(Japanese title) Daijyobu
Now they'll perform their Japanese debut song
Just by listening to it, you feel like dancing~
2011's April now belongs to MBLAQ!!!
Congratulations to MBLAQ for Japanese Debut~
To the fans who miss them
We'll try to get to a good level in Japan, and, soon, we'll be back to Korea with a new awesome concept!
We hope you all stay healthy!
I'm always watching MNET
We love you all~
After finishing, MBLAQ and the staffs celebrate their debut concert
We support MBLAQ's success! (?)
Smelly interview
Words from MBLAQ that can only be known from the bathroom
Today's topic is if MBLAQ are grown-ups or not
First guest, come in, please.
Who will be MC LeeJoonie's smelly interview first guest?
Oh how nice~
Are you an adult?
I am an adult.
What is "adult" to G.O?
A person who's responsible of their actions?
Oh... you've exactly said what it's written here; People who take responsibility for their actions.
Oh really?
Yeh... that's the answer.
Thank you.
I'll only give you one bomb.
Aish, is that I didn't know he'd do it so well; he has said it like a documentary.
He has to fail, so the program gets even funier.
Who is the most mature of MBLAQ?
There aren't.
And the opposite?
Lee Joon?
Why is that?
Even your way of thinking is childish, and I think it is because of that
I'm Peter Pan~
Even if keep growing up, I don't (mentally grow up).
But your body does.
Nope, I'm physically younger.
These days, I've been taking care of my skin a lot.
When did you stop going to the (girls) sauna with your mother?
Be honest.
I've never been there.
Don't lie to me! You've, at least, been there once.
Not even once.
You think I'm like you?
You wanted to go there so badly?
It wasn't because I wanted, but when I was older, I did go with my mother (to the sauna).
So you wanted to go there?
No, no, I didn't want!
I knew there was something missing in my head! (?)
Ah... Changsun-ah...
It seemed that I was missing something. My mother...
What was the impulse(?) to be an adult?
When they forbid me from going to BudongSan (mountain).
It really is a disgusting story.
How could they? I was just a kid...
Explain to us what happened.
I was with a friend; next to our practicing room, we rented a house.
So we signed the contract, and when we tried to get in...
To begin, it already was really strange for an underage to sign a contract
You really can't?
You really can't!
And the owner made a fake one
Joon gets a good explanation
That contract didn't have importance, not at all.
Then, how?
And noticing that it kind of was, I signed it.
Is there someone who still addresses you as a kid?
There isn't.
Why is that?
Because I'm cool.
We're already used to G.O's personality.
ah... I'd like you to answer me...
G.O isn't listening~
Put one more, please.
Really pissed~
G.O always makes the bathroom smell bad.
Are you an adult?
I am.
They laugh together~
Smelly interview: Who's the second guest?
In your point of view, since when were you an adult?
I don't think there are these kind of rules.
"Age's day" Every five years, on the third week's monday, who are 20 years old transmit their pride and responsibility. (?)
That's only one part, because there are people who think that being an adult is a really important matter.
When you were a kid, what did you want to do when you grew up?
"Computer Programer"!
I kind of knew it.
Those days, I got a really expensive computer
How did you get it?
I asked my parents.
And since I was my school's president, I bought it.
Why did you want to be an adult so quickly?
There weren't reasons when I was a kid
Since I could everything I wanted, because I was a kid.
But, now that you are (an adult), it's annoying, right?
I want to be younger!
Yang Seungho, 25 year-old.
When did you stop going to the sauna with your mother?
At four!
You remember?
When I went in, I thought "Why are they putting milk on my body?"
Milk on your body?
Because it's good for the skin.
Wah, really?
With them, they started to put milk on my body. Why on the body?
When did you notice that you were an adult?
When I was in the alchohol's "repression"(?)
How much do you drink?
If we drink too much, it becomes like an addiction. (Illness*)
Is there someone who still think you're a kid?
My parents do.
I'm a kid!
Smelly Interview: Who is the last guest?
Which member is the most mature?
Why is Mir the most mature?
His body (physical) is really like an adult's.
And the most immature?
I'd say the oldest; Yang Leader and Hairy G.O.
Is that... they love to play... a lot.
You mean, when they play, they look like kids?
More than kids, it seems as if they were still ten.
At the dorm, they can't stop playing.
Ah... video games!
Everyone can play videogames, and if there's time, they don't eat and play.
No eating, just playing ~> Kids?
Who is the loudest(Bravado(?)) member?
Seungho hyung
Everything he does, actually.
Not even counting the food!
First evidence: When Seungho greets.
"Oh, you came?" He could greet me like that, happily.
Bravado (??) ftw!
He just does that.
Second evidence: Can you only do that?
With that? Dancing?
With the games?
I don't know how to play videogames, but they(?) force me to play. So, it's okay. (??)
Today, DoongDoong is having his revenge with "Seungho Heose(bravado)"
Biting (?) Leader.
Make a list, arranging metal ages.
Starting with the less immature.
1st Cheondoong. 2nd G.O. 3rd Seungho. 4th Joon. 5th Mir.
What are you doing right now?
Joon really has a really mature side of him.
I'm the 4th!
Really loud, with a babo image, and it seems that you don't really think things deeply.
I've thought a lot; hyung give a better answer.
Behind that silly laugh, there's a deeper story.
You believed in Santa?
Now too, I still believe in Santa.
You are so naive.
I want to show that I am.
I think it was since I was in primary; I thought Santa was my father.
That, with my mother, he went to a lot of places. (?)
But, now, you don't think like that, right?
Not anymore.
But I think he exist, he just doesn't give presents.
The presents are the most important thing...
You want to receive a present from Santa?
I think Santa would give me a tree.
Like Rudolph's horn.
You think you're innocent?
I think so.
When I'm in front of girls, I'm really shy.
I think so too.
I dont have friends...
I only have girl-friends, and I'm worried because I don't have male friends.
What are we?
We are brothers, hyungs.
What would be the most important thing to an adult?
Even if you're poor, I think an adult would be a person who would know how to use it.
Last question; are you an adult?
Revealing that two out of three are kids, Joonie's smelly interview ends here.