Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya - Part 15/15 (Eng. Subs)

Uploaded by FilmyJosh01 on 21.04.2010

Everyone seems to know you are taented...except me
In away it is good we are not together
Someonewho respects... understands you
and aso what you do... you should marrythat person
This is the sixth film I have seen...
I can't understand or appreciatefilms
I'll let you know if I find such a person
When I saw you in New York... I didn'ttalk to you...
I justwaked away
My husband was there, Abraham... he was the one who caled me
Felt like sharing this with you
But you changed it in thefilm as if I spoke to you
The scene at Centra Park... was beautiful
I loved every single line...I cried
Don't make me cry
When my phone rang I somehow thought itwill be you!
How did you get my number?
Watch it in my nextfilm
I'm sorry, Karthik, for everything
Find someone soon... get married...
Move on, please...
Call me for you nextfilm
Is itthat easyto find someone?
Can't fal in love just because you ask meto
It has to happen ofits own accord...
It has to hit us...
...make us spin topsy turvy!
Just like it did... when I met YOU!
...when you met ME!!
Whatever happened between us...
It was beautiful
I likethis pain...
Thank you Jessie
This film is because ofYOU