Protesta anti EPN Toronto

Uploaded by DonnieALFDarko on 04.07.2012

We are a clear example of what is happening in our country
From Toronto, Canada. We express ourselves
In front of the mexican consulate in Toronto
Protesting against the imposicion of Peña Nieto
To express our fellow mexicans that they are not alone
Zapata is still alive, the fight keeps on going.
Atenco won´t be forgotten Atenco won´t be forgotten
We dont want a parasite we don´t want someone with no preparation
we don´t want someone with no intelect
We won´t let it happen Enrique Peña Nieto
Won´t sit in the presidential chair
not even as a joke
Mexico doesn´t wants you Mexico doesn´t wants you
He didn´t win the elections
We need a president who represents our people
hard working, educated and not the lie that the media
wants to give us for president.
The ones firming here today come respectuflly before you
as a group of informed and interested mexicans
in the consolidation of democracy in our country
along the journey of elections of July 1st
associations such as yosoy132 received and documented
a large number of annomalies electoral offenses
violence, purchase of votes coercion of votes and so on.
That we believe affected the democratic process in Mexico.
Therefore we reject enfatically the imposicion of Enrique Peña Nieto
From the massive media in Mexico: Televisa, T.V Azteca, Milenio, etc
If there is imposition there will be revolution
Homeland is not for sale
our homeland we will defend
No more Pri in Mexico, because
they're fraudulent and authoritarian
We deserve that? No!
we love our homeland? Yes
Ay, ay, ay, ay,
Sing and don’t cry,
Because singing, they brighten up,
Lovely sky, the hearts.
We are calling all movements around the world and in Mexico,
to this march we repudiate Enrique Peña Nieto we do not want the imposition
to continue the Mexican oligarchy, broadcasters want to impose Peña Nieto
we do not agree what they are doing is illegal
What IFE (Federal Institute of Elections) is doing is illegal
so we invite ALL Mexicans in the world
to support this movement against The imposition of Peña Nieto
Whoever doesn´t jumps is Peña!
"It's time to howl now, because if we go by the powers that govern us, and we do nothing to counter them, it can be said that we deserve what we have."