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BETH HOYT: I like to start the week with a fail.
OK, hi, you guys.
I'm Beth Hoyt.
This is My Damn Channel Live.
How are you?
Monday, huh?
Monday, grumble, grumble.
Let me tell you how my morning started.
Um, it started fantastic with a continental breakfast.
That's right.
And there were multiple cereals involved.
If you know me, which I think you do, if you watch--
because I, I have kind of a problem with secrets.
I tell them.
Anyways, a not so hidden secret is not so much that I
love cereal, but I love multiple cereals in one bowl.
And, um, we just got some--
I c-- to m--make it for you right now.
So, um, we're going to do that, 'cause I'm going to show
you how it's done.
So we got some cereals.
Um, and I'm going to show you how you do this, this recipe.
And I have-- uh--
this is not going to be big enough.
Let's use--
this one.
This will be good.
So I'll put this here, and this is how you do it.
So you start out with something like Corn Flakes.
You know, let's just get a good base.
A good, solid base--
blah, blah, boring, but it will be good to
base it, you know?
And then you're like, oh, I know what I'll do.
I'll add some Special K because that--
I'll lose weight as I eat Special K.
That's how that works.
And then you're like, actually, Special K sucks.
And then you're like, I'm going to have--
I'm going to frost those Special K's
with Frosted Flakes.
So now you've got those three layers of flakes.
That's a really good start.
Then you need to start adding some fun.
So let's add the Corn Pops, which--
this is--
this is-- this is kind of a bold decision to do that
there, because they get so soggy so quick.
I maybe regret that.
That was a fly by the seat of my pants.
But look, they're a good source of fiber.
I don't think so.
I wouldn't believe everything you read, kids.
Then let's add some of this in, because it's like, yeah.
I'm going to gain some muscle.
And maybe I'll work out later, and I'll need that.
I'll need that-- the Frosted Mini-Wheats for sure.
Party on one side, business in the back.
And then you're like, let's just add this for texture,
snap, crackle, and pop.
A little bit of fun, little reminiscing on that one.
Then you're like, we need two scoops of
sugar-coated raisins.
Two scoops in there, that's a lot of--
let's cheat a little bit.
Yep, sure, they're really sugary and don't taste like
healthy at all, which is good.
Crispix just for fun, because, um, they're tri-- you know,
they're two different colors, which is a fun-- it's a fun--
it's a fun thing.
And then you really need-- we need some color.
And we need more sugar.
So Toucan Sam says, what about me?
What about me?
And you're like, I hear you, I hear you.
And then you go like this.
And you just use your own hands to do that, because it's
your cereal.
You can put your hands in if you want it.
You can go like this.
It's yours.
You can do whatever you want with it.
And then, well, what'd you think was next?
Orange juice?
No, milk.
Let's get serious, you guys.
And it's good that we have this, you know, full half
gallon here.
Because you really--
I want to see the top layer of milk on the cereal, and have
that so it floats a little bit, like that.
That's how much milk you want.
And again, this is all up to however you want to do it.
You know, it's, it's choose your own adventure with the
cereal bar, but this is the right way, you know?
And then you get a bite that includes one
of each of the cereals.
And then you're going to continue to host this live
show after you take this bite.

Hold on a second.
I recently heard you should chew 33 times to really digest
it, so we're on like, four right now.
Five, six, seven, eight.
It's almost gone.
I did it in 10!
OK, anyway.
That was-- it could use some peanut butter.
Anyway, in my--
this morning, since it was a continental
breakfast, it was free.
If you don't count the $200 I spent to stay in the hotel.
All right, let's look at a comment from you guys.
"you two have the same color." This is from when Tommy Pom
was on the show--
um, Pomeranian on Thursday.
You guys have to go back and watch this if
you didn't see it.
The Tumblr Pomeranian hosted the show with me.
So cute.
And we do have kind of similar hair.
We don't have the same, like, essence.
He's like, little and sprightly.
And I did find a dog recently who I think is my
doppelganger dog.
I have a picture, can we show them that?
That dog, see?
I looked at that dog, and I was like, something is
familiar about you.
And I was like, oh, you're me in dog form.
We had the same look.
We cocked our head.
It-- see?
Do you see what I'm seeing?
So that's my doppelganger dog.
And now we're going to do--
uh, I went to a wedding last night, just so you guys know.
I'm here this morning.
We'll just go to the end of this.
Here, June.
Yeah, I'm sorry, I'm talking with Jessica now.
We're gonna be with you guys, and I'm gonna eat this.
OK, basically I'm here as promised.
I came from this wedding.
I'm a little bit hungover and a little bit sore from all
this white girl at a wedding dancing that I did.
I'm on top of it, though.
I'm here.
I have had plenty of cereal this morning.
We're just going to keep going.
And today is Monday, and I'm real excited to be here and
talk to you about that.
And Mondays are--
they're manic Mondays.
But they're also McMayhem Mondays.
So that's, like, the same thing.
So do you know, do you know what I mean?
If you don't know what I mean by that, then here's a brand
new McMayhem with mega compliments.

STEPHEN SEIDEL: Sometimes you need to shout at people for
them to know just how awesome they are.
MCMAYHEM: Great intro, Steve.
Good job, bro.
MCMAYHEM: You're great.
You are so great.
Ladies, you're being great nannies today.
I'm sure those kids love you.
Great pink socks you're wearing today.
And that dog looks like it needs a meal.
I'll buy you socks, maybe a hot dog.
Thank you for stopping.
You are a worthwhile individual.
Your daughter's beautiful.
You are a biracial couple.
You are amazing.
It's obvious that you're doing a good job by yourself.
Just keep doing it.
I'm sure you got a decent score on your SATs.
People will always respect you and take care of you based on
the kindness I can see in your eyes, even though you're
wearing sunglasses.
Is this your daughter?
Is he a good daddy?
He looks like a good daddy.
Does he buy you dollies?
You're doing a great job in there.
A great job in there.
Keep doing drywall.
Hey bro, great box, man.
Enjoy that sandwich.
Oh, it feels so good.
Don't stop.
Hey, pink pants.
Solid work.
Hey, man.
That's great hair.
Yeah, man.
I want to take you to the bank.
Give you all of my money.
No rules alert.
You're awesome.
Color coordinated from the head to the toes.
You think maybe you and I could have
a, a small hug today?
MALE SPEAKER: I think so.
MCMAYHEM: All right, come into the real thing.
I love you, man.
MALE SPEAKER: I love you, too.
MCMAYHEM: Tell me you love me.
MALE SPEAKER: I love you.

We're back, and I'm here to talk to you.
Oh, really?
Oh, my gosh.
That's really cool.
Oh-- oh, with an actual conversation.
With the comments.
OK, great.
Can I get a comment?
This is from, um--
oh, this is a tweet.
This is a tweet from Zana Zeober.
"Beth, what were you like in high school?"
Uh--the same.
Really, I saw awesome pictures of myself in high school-- or
we were looking at-- and my friends all looked different.
We were laughing.
It's like, look at your hair.
I look the same.
I had like the same hair.
I mean, I was dorkier.
But I don't know, I'm pretty dorky now.
very similar to how I am now.
Yeah, with maybe less expensive makeup.
So like a little bit--
like, little worse makeup.
OK, next tweet is from, um, Kevin Tor.
"If you eat Cookie Crisp--" oh, there we go, Kevin--
"you're an accessory to all the crime perpetrated by the
Cookie Crisp robber." Is that true?
I m--
I've never--
I've never had Cookie Crisp, so I'm not--
no, I'm fine there.
There's no Cookie Crisp in here, so I'm good to go.
I've never been involved in that--
that ring of crime.
Those are cookies, by the way.
That's not breakfast.
This is breakfast.
You guys, I would love to share this with you.
It's too bad.
Anita, I would give you some, but there's no
extra spoon, so.
Another comment?
It's from setuxxx.
"Beth, you like Game of Thrones?" And then this face,
which is, great, because I've just put thing in my mouth.
Which is this.
Uh, but to the side.
Anyway, I love Game of Thrones.
I love it so much, I--
are you joking?
I really love it.
I got on board a little bit late.
Then I started watching it one afternoon.
I was like, I should catch up on this.
Hold on.
That's better, Beth.
I was like, let me catch up on this right now.
And I was going to spend a while and just watch season
one kind of leisurely.
And I didn't leave my apartment that whole weekend.
And I watched all of season one and caught up on what I
missed of season two.
I haven't read the books.
I mean, I should, and I will.
But I've watched all of season one and season two in about a
matter of three days, and I'm on board majorly.
I want them on my shoulders.
Next comment is from ShadownCrissy.
"My first livestream." Hello, Shadow and Crissy.
Like how I said it, Shadown?
That's what happens on live TV.
I'm going to mispronounce your name.
I'm going to do it like crazy with everybody.
I'm really bad at it.
Uh, but also, it's exciting, right?
It's interesting.
And, uh, we're just breaking new ground here.
And welcome.
Thank you for coming.
Next comment is from moshimota.
"Beth, you are so hot.
Date with me." And then--
I, I enjoy, um, you know, a lot of things.
If you could find a cereal bar that has like, if we could,
like, put a gin martini with olives and then somehow make
that taste good with cereal, like a cereal bar.
So you have like, a cereal bar and then a martini bar.
call me.
And I'm in.
I'm totally in for that.
Sounds great.
so it's a date.
It's a date?
Did we just-- did I just get a date?
I don't know what I'm gonna wear, but
that's really exciting.
I'm excited for us.
Next comment is from kissingsinners.
Oh boy.
"Anchovy fail.
You have to use a can opener now.
Next, open a wine glass with a screw and a pair of pliers."
So that's from-- last Tuesday I did a whole-- and I had some
anchovies, and I--
the, the cap fell off before I could open it.
Do you know what I'm talking about?
Uh, is that motion letting you know?
What is that called?
Like the top of a soup can when you can--
you know what I'm talking about.
I'm turning into my mom right now.
Anyway, speaking of getting a screw-cap wine
like that, I did that.
The other night I wanted a glass of wine.
And I had this screw-cap bottle at home.
It was a really cheap bottle, but I was like, I'll just have
one glass and go to bed.
And I went to open it.
It was very tight.
I tried again--
very, very tight.
And then I'm like, I'm a strong person.
Really went for it.
Got my roommate.
She's going for it.
We got a knife and cut around it.
I think it was a trick wine bottle, and it
was like, super glued.
And it was just like, it was basically saying, like, are
you pathetic?
This wine bottle was so cheap.
Just let it go.
And I didn't even want the wine anymore.
I was like, I'm going to go to bed now.
But I really just--
I had to open this thing for myself.
I think we have a picture.
I took a picture of what I did do.
I used a knife and then a corkscrew.
And then I, like, shot off the top of that and poured myself
a nice glass of that red wine.
And it was the worst wine I have ever tasted.
So I spit that out and, uh, I went to bed.
But I felt better that I had, you know, gotten that open.
Next comment is from sNsPredatorZ.
"Beth, what's your favorite ice cream topping?
I like vanilla ice cream with Oreos on it." I am
so with you on that.
Before I read what your answer was, I was going to say that.
I like to add some peanut butter, but I
love vanilla ice cream.
Has to be good, though.
Like vanilla bean.
There's good, there's good and there's OK vanilla ice cream.
But that's-- with Oreos is, yeah, I'm on board.
I like that.
We have similar taste.
Up next is a comment from pawneegoddess.
Hi, pawnee.
"For Beth.
How was working on the set of Bachelorette?" It was amazing.
The first day on set, I think, have I told you guys?
It was really cool.
I had some lines, I met Will Ferrell, I had my own trailer.
And then, um, then the last of those lines got cut.
And I was in the set every day for about 16 hours.
And I was background.
It was really fun.
I got to fake drink a lot and talk to a lot
of interesting people.
Like, pretending like when I was acting, and really just,
like, chatting about every, any kind of small talk that
possibly can go through your mind.
And then after five days of 16 hours of small talk, you,
your, your actual mouth gets smaller, because just
everything gets smaller.
Also, pawnee, guess what?
I know you like dinosaurs on the set.
And I got this gift.
Isn't this so cool?
We got this this weekend from somebody that
went to an art fair.
It is a dinosaur made out of a soda can and some very
creative stapling.
Isn't that so cool?
So I love it, and it's going to live on the set.
And, um, I'd love you guys to send me stuff like that to put
on the set.
And we will do that.
And I will highlight it.
And I would love it if you sent, like, instructions if
it's a craft, because then maybe I could try and make it.
I like crafts.
Send ideas to my Twitter.
Or we'll, we'll work it out via Twitter.
Let's do that.
Another comment.
It's from SycamoreHill14.
"Will you be adding bacon to your cereal?" Sycamore, you're
getting really serious here.
I never thought about that.
I'm thinking about it right now.
I don't know.
I really don't know.
I mean, I am all on board indulging, and like, wrong
things, and adding bacon to a lot of things.
But I don't--
I don't think I would.
I'd eat it on the side, but I think the answer is no.
So real honest--
no, I don't think-- not this time.
Next comment is from suup101.
"Beth, what's that teeny blue skull thingy haning on the
wall behind you?" Teeny green blue?
This one?
This isn't teeny.
No, the greeny.
I hear--
which one?
The little skull.
What's happening?
That's not teeny.
This is huge.
And this is uh, the old breed of, of, um--
this is an old woolly mammoth.
Their skeletons are turquoise.
I was just so confused with the teeny.
Because, you know, I'm picturing the woolly mammoth,
the body behind it, and it is huge.
And so we're very lucky to have this on our set.
So a lot of old things, a lot of old things.
A lot of new things.
We really just combine it all.
And this is just a reminder of the world that we live on, and
then we have all kinds of things.
Greeny blue skull thing.
Yeah, I get it.
I read it wrong, and then just was totally misinterpreting
all that for the last five minutes.
Greeny blue.
But you can see why I was confused, right?
Next comment--
"I feel like Beth probably can't hold her liquor." Hmm.
I'm holding it right now, you guys.
I went to a wedding last night in Massachusetts.
I took this bus this morning.
I'm holding it right now.
So-- and I can.
I'm from Wisconsin.
Is this a challenge?
What is this?
Give me a sh--
give me a bottle and a shot glass.
Just a pitcher.
I'll just--
I'll do that.
Next comment.
I can't.
I can't.
It's from bethhishh.
"What is your Beth short for?
I'm a member of the 'I'm an Elizabeth who
goes by Beth' family.
Apparently, that's unheard of." I'm of that same family.
I am an Elizabeth.
Um, I don't think that's unheard of.
But, you know, you and I are, and I think plenty more.
I was Elizabeth for a while.
I tried to be--
I tried to, like, be adult when I was, like, 18, I think.
I was like, I'm going to go by Elizabeth.
And it just seemed to take so long, right?
Is that why you're a Beth?
Because it's just like, just stop.
It's Beth.
Just don't go into all of that.
So I stopped that.
But it is regal.
Maybe I should think about that I would maybe act
differently if I was Elizabeth.
That wouldn't really work for this show.
I better--
for the sake of the show, I'm going to stay, I'm
going to stay Beth.
Next comment is from, um, dopiveg.
"The Lion King!
You brought so many memories back to me.
I played it on Super Nintendo.
What a time." Yeah.
I talked about that last week.
I played with my friend.
We played on Sega.
And we never got past the waterfall
level of Hakuna Matata.
Never got to see Simba grow into the grown Simba that he
can be, the grown lion.
Um, but that was so much fun.
Oh, man.
Lion King was a great game.
I played on Super Nintendo.
I played a lot of Live NBA 95.
It was my brother's game.
And I was always Reggie Miller, because he's like a
light-skinned black version of my brother.
I was young.
I was just like, I'll pick him.
That's what I did on Super Nintendo.
That's a memory for me.
You guys, I'm about to turn into a pumpkin.
And I've got some work to do here with the cereal before it
gets all soggy.
So I think that's it for today.
Thank you for bearing with me.
Um, thank you for tuning in, and for being so
inquisitive and fun.
I really love this.
I'll see you tomorrow.
I think I might call my mom.
Oh, also, this happened at the wedding.
I broke the screen.
Can you tell?
That happened.
That was cool.
So subscribe because we have a really big show on Wednesday
with W Camilla Belle.
And Daily Grace is back on Thursday.
Thanks for coming.
Hasta pasta.