11 Egypt Part 2 - Secrets in Plain Sight

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Traveling a short distance along the Nile we come to Dahshur, site of the lesser-known
Red and Bent pyramids. Egyptologists claim these were contemporaneous with the Great
Pyramid of Giza. I think the sacred geometry of both pyramids
was correctly deciphered at world-mysteries.com. The pyramids at Dahshur hold keys to macrocosm
and microcosm. First of all the Red pyramid isn't as steep
as the great pyramid. Its face proportions match this red triangle within a pentagram.
Tilting up four such triangles until they meet defines the pyramid and its slope.
The pentagram is a powerful magical talisman and was a symbol of the Pythagorean School.
The pentagram encodes the golden number Phi within itself fractally. Phi is one of the
most important numbers in mathematics because nature uses it to proportion everything from
pine cones, to sunflowers and nautilus shells; even our bodies are based on the golden section.
The number 5 is associated with the microcosm, with life and in the growth of living things.
The adjacent Bent pyramid is the only pyramid with two slope angles. The lower slope is
steeper than the great pyramid and its face proportions match this blue triangle within
a hexagon. Tilting up four such triangles until they meet defines the pyramid's lower
slope. The upper slope matches the Red pyramid, so
it's red triangles within pentagons again here. So what's up with all the hexagons and
pentagons? It has been said that the great enigma of
alchemy is the mystery between macrocosm and microcosm.
The word alchemy actually comes from Al-Kemi which means The Way of Egypt.
I believe relating 6 to 5 is the essential key encoded at Dahshur.
Renaissance master Albrecht Durer made this drawing in his Course in the art of measurement
with compasses and a ruler. Everything emerges from the vesica pisces.
Durer's Melancholia I is one of the most studied pieces of esoteric art.
The opening of the compasses is the key to the engraving's metrology. The compasses,
sphere, measuring stick, and overall proportions all fit the same unit. As already mentioned
the engraving's proportions of 14:11 match the great pyramid's half triangle proportion.
The objects in the engraving are packed with hermetic symbolism, but the most interesting
thing to me is the hidden controlling geometry. It's the alchemical wedding of pentagon and
hexagon. Schwaller de Lubicz did this study of an Egyptian
gateway. Notice the proportions of sixes and fives in the opening and the octave height
of 2 compared to the overall width of a fundamental 1.
Henry Lincoln co-wrote Holy Blood, Holy Grail, which became an inspiration for Dan Brown's
The Da Vinci Code published more than twenty years later. In "The Holy Place" Lincoln revealed
what he calls a structured landscape in the former Cathar country surrounding the mysterious
village of Rennes le Chateau. Again we see the marriage of 6 and 5.
The pentgram over the cube in DC is another representation of 6 and 5 coming together.
Recall how triple 6's and 5's are encoded in the Washington Monument as 6660" = 555'.
America's Monumental Obelisk therefore expresses the relationship between macrocosm and microcosm.
Moving to a larger scale, the Earth encodes 6 to 5 in temporal and spatial terms. The
Earth's precessional cycle measured in years (25,920) divided by the Earth's equatorial
circumference measured in nautical miles (21,600) is precisely equal to 6 divided by 5.
Alex B. Geddes discovered relationships in the solar system that express the macrocosm's
relationship to the microcosm. These are published in John Martineau's superb "Little Book of
Coincidence." The relationships Geddes found are ratios
between the products of mean orbital radii of planets in our solar system.
More specifically, the ratios each equal 6 divided by 5 plus a small factor that must
be added in each case to balance the equalities. Each product is a symmetrical relationship
between inner rocky planets and outer gas giants.
I notice that each one of the factors added to balance the equalities encodes 864, the
same number you learned in the Stonehenge and San Francisco episodes, is the number
of the Sun. How incredibly apropos. In mathematics Phi and Pi are two of the most
important numbers. They can be related in the following way...
(6/5) Phi ^2 = Pi This equation is an extremely accurate approximation
(99.9985% accuracy), but is not exact and as such is classified by mathematicians as
a coincidence. Are all of these things just pure coincidence
or evidence of hyper-dimensional resonance? For a more complete answer that you'll have
to wait for the Paris episodes. For the next astonishing example of sixes
over fives we'll visit the holy city of Jerusalem.