Vete a la Versh - Episodio 6: Los Super Hermanos Mauricio

Uploaded by vetealaversha on 17.05.2012

Super Mauricio Bros.
Let me get this straight. You torment Santa Clause and he still
brings you presents?
Santa is a very nice person.
He's a monster.
Rodolf, Buddy.
C'mon Santa, you can't just live like this­.
Life goes on and...
Shut up, bitch! You don't know what it's like!
A very nice person!
Wholesale Market
Go go go go go go go go...
Keep going, keep going...
Go go go go go go, keep going...
Help me! Help! Help!
Oh shit! What the fuck! Ah!
What the...
What the fuck, Dude!
Son of a bitch!
You didn't even tell me, fucking car watcher!
What's that? You're looking at
an Engineer in Automobile Parking Space
Optimization and an expert in the manipulation of
volatile devices in textile material.
Well okay then!
Clean it up real good, kid!
Mauricio! Mauricio! Guess what?!
I got a raise!
Now I'm a two-wheel carriager, Bro!
That's my boy! If we keep going like this
I'm sure we'll be the best in the market.
Yeah, you're really retarded.
*Indefinite sounds*
Speak clearly, dumbass!
Yeah, okay. Sorry.
Have you heard they kidnapped the princess of The Humps?
They're looking for her and offering a reward!
You have a really big head. Gross!
That's true. It's horrible.
I'm sorry, it's a tumor.
As­ the dude with the big head said,
the princess of The Humps has been kidnapped
by none other than Chepo Gonzalez
A super-developed mutant turtle
involved with the trafficking of bootlegged contraband.
The princess' father offers a very strong reward
which features pantry utensils,
two hundred and fifty pesos in National Savings Bonds
Peña Nieto's tuff of hair,
a Mamme Slushy,
a coupon redeemable for a Unefon cell phone
from Elektra,
a backstage pass with the Peje,
Fifteen percent off
your next report to the FEPADE,
three rolls of recycled toiled paper,
a trip for two to Ometepec, Guerrero
(the most restless place)
to visit the epicenter of the earthquake,
and an orange highlighter.
If you have any information, contact the princess' family.
In other news, eating onion
may cause buttock paralysis.
I'll be back to bring you the details after the break.
Luperdo, did you hear that?
Yeah­, my buttocks are paralyzed!
This is our only chance to get out of this hole!
I'll save the princess and become rich and famous!
Yes­! Avoid eating onion in your daily diet
and wash your hands before eating and after going to the restroom!
Hey, what's up with you and shit?
Fuck you, slut!
What the fuck! A sandwich!
Help! I've been trapped between these pipes for days!
Shut up, fag!
Hey pal, lend me some money, yeah?
What for?
Take this, asshole!
Look, heights don't do shit with me!
Same here! Watch, it's like professional parkour!
My balls!
I'm a turtle and I'm in heat!
I'm tired of walking!
Fucking bitch, but you wanted a pilgrimage to the basilic, huh?
Mom, you're hairy.
I'm your Dad.
Take this!
The little castle doesn't have any doors.
They're so classy, and yet they don't have doors.
Hello! Is this the castle of the...
We're sorry but the princess
is in another castle, so get the fuck out of here
fucking nosy slut.