Paul Rodriguez Life: Family First. Ep. 1, Part 2

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Paul: My grandpa used to.. he was preacher also he used to hold church services under
this house. And I was always afraid of this house and they would always tell me ghost
stories because they knew I was easy to scare. I would never go to my grandmas house by myself.
She has a basement that is the creepiest place. Javi used to live down here dude.
Javi: I lived here for about six months, thatís all that lasted. The doors would just open
and you could hear two voices that started over there like talking to each other. But
you couldnít understand what they were saying they were just talking talking talking then
disappear that would happen all the time. They would never shake me or how you see in
movies, just throw people off the bed nothing ever happened just that one time I heard
walking came up to me like that. I couldnít see anything and right when it stopped I stumbled
over the couch and went to the stop of the stairs and left everything here and never
came down. Paul : And that to me is the scariest part
of the ranch. Never mind the barn.
Paul: I like that grandma, I like that bonnet, itís swagged out.
The smell of this, takes me right back. Itís like the smell of my life.
Paul: I`m up now. No man I was dead asleep and then you called.
Paul: I`m gonna go skateboard for a bit Daughter: Why?
Paul: Because thatís what I do. You can stay here but Iím gonna go skateboard for a bit.
But first, give me a kiss.
Dan: Howís you grandma doing? Paul: I guess today she woke up feeling kinda
nauseated and didnít want to eat. But like she was up, she`s walking around, she coherent,
you know, when I talk to her sheís laughing sheís talking. She`s forgetful, like sometimes
she`ll tell me something then like 15 minutes later sheíll tell me again, the same thing.
But as far as the cancer goes, if I didnít know she had it, I wouldn`t know. Seeing
the way sheís walking around and moving it seems like she`s in pretty good spirits but
he fact that she gets all nauseous and sick in the morning, who knows if itís gonna get
better. Paul: BOOM. Found it. I didnít get us that
lost. Skatepark on the left. Really crowded. A whole two people in there. This is actually
crowded for this town because itís a small town.
Paul: Iím gonna switch back tail switch heel manual.
Paul: Have to do it again. We donít accept that half assed bullshit.
Grandma: That`s my boy
Heaven: Take the sweat off. Paul: Grandmaís never seen me skate before.
Heath: Thereís no way in your mind youíre content with those three.
Paul: No but I don`t want to waste all my energy.
Paul: For the record, I know for damn well that there`s nothing here but I donít feel
right unless I do this. One of my first videos, I think it was like my third I ever had
Troubleshooters. And there was one clip of this dude and for the longest time I thought
it was like, Smolik, and he was rolling up to Carlsbad gap to do a trick and he just
hits a rock and woah BOOM all the way to the bottom of Carlsbad. I seen that and it always
made we worry about rocks in front of stairs. So ever since then, every time. I may look
like Iím crazy but better safe than sorry, fk it.
Heath: He really needs to do it better or itís gonna mess with him.
Paul: Listen buddy you worry about not jerking the frame.
Heath: Iím not jerking anything. Paul: Of course Iím going to put my hand
on the floor. Paul: So much harder to get consistent than
pushin the button. Heath: I know you think it`s easy but itís
not. What I do is very hard. [Clapping]
Paul: Was that it?
Paul: People pay me to do this shit, can you believe that. If I don`t land this right
here, I`m going to flow. Flow rider right here. Gotta keep that in the pro position,
though, gonna land it or straight to flow.
Paul: Dude I`m so happy I made the decision to come here. I mean I know tomorrow it`s
gonna be killing me to know whatís going on in Tampa, finding the result, I`m gonna
have to check on the internet, finding the results. But itís more important to be here
with my family, especially with my grandma`s condition, this may be the last time I`ll
be able to see her walking around, seeing her moving, seeing her coherent. I know I`m
gonna be wondering, like man how would I have done, how would I have skated, would I have
been able to be good? Whatever. But I made the right decision. Family is first.
Paul: Give her a high five, give her a high five!