How to Scan To PDF & Edit In Word

Uploaded by Docudesk on 13.04.2010

In this tutorial video we will demonstrate how to scan to pdf & how to scan to Word.
Using deskUNPDF plus the OCR module we can scan a physical paper copy and save it as
a PDF, or quickly edit in Word.
OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition and it’s useful if you want to edit the
text in a scanned document. For example let’s say that I want to scan in and edit these
papers which I have on my desk.
To begin, launch deskUNPDF and click “scan to PDF”. Select your scanner from the drop
down menu. deskUNDPF scanning software will work with any TWAIN compliant scanner.
Click “Acquire Pages” and proceed through the settings in the scanner’s software.
Next you will see a preview of your scan. You can move, delete, and rotate the pages
To add more pages, simply click acquire pages again after you have loaded the additional
pages in the scanner. To save the scanned pages as a PDF now click “Save PDF”. Here
is the new PDF file in Adobe Reader. As you can see the text is not selectable, it is
just an image of text.
If you don’t need to edit this document you can close this screen now. To convert
the scanned pages to Word or another format for editing, click “Return to deskUNPDF”.
deskUNPDF will prompt you with the OCR settings, and begin performing OCR on the document.
Choose which output format you want to convert to in the ‘Document’ Pane. In the ‘Text’
pane you can adjust certain settings regarding the OCR, as well as scale the OCR by speed
or accuracy.
Next just click “Convert”.
The document opens in Word where it can now be edited.
The deskUNPDF plus OCR software has converted the image of text into fully editable text.
This is a powerful tool for working with your paper documents.
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