Drunken chicken wings and chicken feet, 醉雞翼和雞腳

Uploaded by wantanmien on 12.03.2011

Today I teach drunken chicken wings and chicken feet
stomp 1 slice ginger
stomp white part of a spring onion
wash and clean 3 chicken wings
wash and clean 3 chicken feet
put 1/2 tsp salt in boiling ginger and green onion water
boil up the wings and feet, cover with lid
when the water boils, turn to low heat, cook it 30 mins
after 30 mins, turn off the heat set on hob for 10 mins
after 10 mins
place all the wings and feet in ice water for 1 hour
put 2 tsp chicken powder in 100 ml boiling water
add 1 tsp sugar, stir well
turn off the heat, leave to chill
after 1 hour, take out the wings and feet
use paper dry up all the wings and feet
cut the wing like this
cut off the nails and cut like this
divide into 2 pieces
place the wings and feet in a glass
put in chicken powder mixture
add 200 ml drunken chicken marinade
add 150 ml shaoxing wine
add 2 tsp sesame oil
stir gently
cover with lid
leave it over night, put in fridge on next day
I prepared some already
the feet
the wing
you can reuse the marinade, or add some ingredients to enhance the flavour
you can keep the chicken in the fridge at least 10 days
Thanks for watching see you again next time