Katie Webber's Broadway Debut, Catch Me If You Can

Uploaded by DanceOn on 05.04.2011

KATIE WEBBER: I was living in California.
And I was living with my parents.
And I had just graduated college.
And I was teaching dance, 18 classes a week.
And I drove to LA.
I was living in the Bay Area.
And I drove to LA to go to an open call for Wicked.
I was so green.
I didn't even know, really, what Wicked was.
Is that bad?
It's good.
KATIE WEBBER: And I went to dance call.
And I did great.
And I made it to the end.
And I sang.
And then I got called back the next day.
And I danced.
And then I made it to the end.
And that was it.
And my mom and I drove back home, six hours.
And I went back to my life teaching dance.
And I never heard anything.
And then six months later, it was December, and it was about
to be Christmas, and I got a phone call as I was driving to
teach my class.
And I got a phone call from some number I didn't know.
And I heard that Wicked was interested in me.
So I thought, ooh, I'll have to go back and audition again.
And then my agent said, so of course, that would mean you
would need to move to New York.
And I was like, move to New York?
And then I called him.
And he was like, yeah, they want you start on Monday.
And it was Wednesday.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Oh, my gosh!
KATIE WEBBER: So I had to kind of like leave my
studio high and dry.
And I packed my life up and moved out of my parents' house
and moved to New York, into the Edison Hotel for two weeks
and had my first Christmas away from home in the Edison.
FEMALE SPEAKER: How was that?
KATIE WEBBER: It was the tiniest room I'd ever been in.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Did you cry?
I cried.
FEMALE SPEAKER: In the Edison.
KATIE WEBBER: In the Edison.
And I learned my show in five days.
And I was in the show pretty immediately.
And I was only supposed to be there for three months.
I was covering an injury who-- she had gotten injured.
She was covering an injury.
So I was like third on the list.
Both of them ended up not coming back.
So I got the job.
And I was there for three and a half years, Wicked.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Oh, my gosh.
That's awesome.
FEMALE SPEAKER: And now, what number is this for you?
KATIE WEBBER: This is number four for me.