Mahabharat - Episode 80

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Amidst the wounded and corpses, I look to the Future
The Present has nothing to offer but corpses ...
... and the wounded
So, O Man! You, too, look to the Future!
Without that hope ...
... you'll be suffocated in Kurukshetra
Look to the Future and think:
The Sun always rises
It always dawns
The seasons change with surety
Winter is always followed by Spring
So, look to the horizon from where the Sun will rise
Place your ear on the ground so as to ...
... listen to the sound of Spring
If you need courage, look to the battlefield ...
... where the Present lies on a bed of arrows ...
... waiting for Sunrise ...
... and a caravan of lamps moves towards it
May you live long!
My dear!
Whatever may have happened in the past ...
... you'll always be a symbol of honour for Indians ...
... and will always be respected
O Grandsire!
You are a symbol of honour for Indians
I am fortunate to be your grant daughter-in-law
Allow me ...
... to salve your wounds and save you ...
... from the day's Sun and the night's cold
Before that, I want to give you some trouble
May you live long!
Who's this girl?
She's Abhimanyu's wile Uttara!
This is not the place to meet a daughter-in-law
But I first met your husband on the battlefield
My dear
I don't know who will live and who won't ...
... after this war
But my body remembers the sharpness ...
... of your husband's arrows
Seeing the young man I was reminded of my youth
If I had a treasury of years ...
... I would give it all to your husband
I have met you for the first time and ...
... I have nothing to give you...
... but Arjun's arrows and my wounds
Do you know that ...
... these arrows seemed as if...
... they were not arrows but my dear Arjun ...
... who came running to sit on my lap
If I could ...
... I would kiss every arrow in my body
These arrows are the essence of my life
May you be happy forever!
Tell Arjun not to regret what he has done
He has done his duty ...
... and so have I!
The women of the Kuru clan ...
... carry ritual lamps
The lamp shall remember ...
... and carry it close to heart
Tears flow uncontained ...
... as the night stands silent
The mind is in turmoil
The lips refuse to speak
All directions watch silently
The figure on the bed of arrows
With palms joined respectfully
Death stands by silently
How are you Duryodhan?
Do you think ...
... Hastinapur is lost because Grandsire has fallen
No Draupadi!
Hastinapur's flag is not Grandsire
Hastinapur's flag is Duryodhan
That is Hastinapur's misfortune
Victory to the Prince!
Dig a deep moat around Grandsire
Remember ...
... not even an insect should trouble him
This piece of land will be outside the battlefield
As you order!
Duryodhan should have been here by now
Maybe Bhishma is telling him his last wish that ...
... after his death hall the kingdom ...
... should be given to the Pandavas
Don't talk thus about a brave warrior
Anyone who can stop you from lighting the war ...
... may not have his courage questioned ...
... but his loyalty is surely in doubt
There can be no doubt that ...
... thought Bhishma fought on Duryodhan's side ...
... he wanted Yuddhistir to win
In fact, the loyalty of the new Army Chief ...
... is also questionable because ...
... he still claims that ...
... Arjun is his best pupil
You are right, Uncle!
But who can be made Chief when he is there?
I think even Sage Drona will refuse to kill the Pandavas
But if we ask him to ...
... make Yuddhistir a prisoner...
... he will become our slave ...
... and the war will end
Very clever!
It's an excellent suggestion
Congratulations Kripa!
You were saved from becoming the Chief
What are you saying lather
I agree the Pandavas are not our enemies
They are like my brothers
But when you have decided to light for Duryodhan ...
... why this dilemma ?
That is the reason for the dilemma
It is easy to attack an enemy
But the arrows that pierce a dear one ...
... also pierce one's own heart
Then why are you lighting?
Duryodhan knows the reason
We are obliged to him. In his debt
We are compelled to die protecting him
The decision is not ours
You are not indebted to him
That's true! But I am not a traitor
Whether Duryodhan wins or loses ...
... I'll always be on his side
To kill the Pandavas is my duty
How are you, Brother!
My respects!
My respects!
What's wrong?
Why are you all silent?
Ashwathama and I had a difference of opinion
Why are you here at this time?
Grandsire's accident has created a dilemma
I don't want victory at this price ...
... but what can I do? I am helpless
I have gone so far ahead in this war that ...
... I cannot retreat
Hence, I have come here to say:
I don't want to build a palace on Pandava corpses
If you catch Yuddhistir and give him to me ...
... I promise you that ...
... I'll announce the end of war
Will you award him the death sentence?
No! Never!
I'll never have him put to death
I understand!
After their defeat you'll give them their kingdom
Had you thought of this yesterday ...
... Grandsire would not be on a bed of arrows
However, your proposal has pleased me
I'll catch Yuddhistir tomorrow!
Victory to the Crown Prince!
What's it?
A spy is here with important news
Send him in
What's the news?
Sage Drona will attempt to arrest Yuddhistir tomorrow
What does he think of himself?
Don't we know how to light a war ?
Is Yuddhistir a helpless cow that...
... he can take him away?
Reason, and not Anger, helps light a war, Prince
What can Sage Drona think of himself
We all know what to think of him
The Sage is more difficult to tackle than Grandsire
He will not tell you how to defeat him
We have to think of how to do that
You arrange to protect Yuddhistir
Duryodhan has fired an accurate weapon
He knew whether Sage Drona admitted it or not ...
... he would hesitate to kill the Pandavas
So, Duryodhan decided to lessen his burden
But if he really catches Yuddhistir...
...the war will end
A prisoner of war is a slave
A slave is not a person but a thing
As a slave, he would have no right to Indraprasth
If Yuddhistir dies the war will go on ...
... because Indraprasth has many heirs
But a slave has no rights and so ...
... he cannot have heirs
So, arrange to protect Yuddhistir
Krishna is right!
Sage Drona is to be respected
He has many disciples in our camp
You were both taught by the same teacher
Satyaki and King of Matsya are disciples
Our Chief is right
Brother is not a cow to be tamely led away
Why are you surrounding me? Attack Sage Drona!
If he is not stopped the war will end today
Don't worry!
How can I not worry?
It is a King's duty to worry about his soldiers
These soldiers lighting for us are a part of us
Their corpses are as respectful as Our's
We are lighting for our rights but ...
... they are lighting for us
If you have no courage to lace your teacher ...
... I'll light him!
Why are you looking there?
Our Chief has asked us to protect you
I cancel his order and...
... order you to go light the Sage ...
... so as to protect our soldiers from him
I shall stay with you today
My dear Bhim!
Will you disobey my order?
You all are hiding something from me!
Stop the chariot!
Why do you invite your death, dear nephew?
I'll meet you at dawn again!
My respects!
No one has a right to feel sad in Heaven
Don't insult Lord Indra by your sadness
Like happiness, sadness comes from within
A person feels sad without wanting to be sad
You are not a person but a Soul!
What is left behind is gone!
No, my lady!
Nothing is left behind
I am also my heirs
Every day I die
Lying on a bed of arrows, I wait for the war to end
My ancestors gave me a contented Hastinapur
Look at its sad condition now!
I am responsible for its condition
My Hastinapur lies on a bed of arrow
Every arrow piercing Bhishma has also pierced India
The Kurukshetra has become my battlefield
I lire the arrows which pierce me
I am Dhritirashtra as also Yuddhistir
I was the one who staked Draupadi
I was the one who dragged her to court
I was the one who disrobed her
I cannot escape this obscene reality ...
... because this is my own reality
I wish to salute my son's wounds but ...
... I have no courage to lace him
With rare value
I have found unparalleled happiness
I have found unparalleled sadness
I found Soul mates
I lost Soul mates
Day after day has passed by
O warrior! O Son!
Accept Shantanu's greetings!
Father! You!
I cannot even get up to pay my respects
Your great grandson's arrows have ...
... fixed me to this piece of land
Though they have pierced me, his arrows have ...
... given me great happiness
It is a matter of pride for you that ...
... you are his ancestor
For me, you are a matter of pride
Not only I! The whole of India is proud of you
O great warrior who is indebted to none!
With you as witness, I beg my motherland's forgiveness
My crime is that ...
... I loved Satyavati more than Hastinapur
Dhritirashtra is the result of that ...
... and so is Duryodhan
My love for Satyavati was my selfish greed
My greed even poisoned politics
O Motherland ! Forgive me!
Whatever has happened is gone!
It cannot be reversed
If anyone is at fault it is I!
My love for my lather was my selfish greed
Whenever a son or a lather ...
... give greater importance ...
... to each other, war is inevitable
Blood will rain and corpses will pile up
This war is the result of my own mistake
No, my son!
Yes, lather!
I tried to change the direction of the storm ...
... moving towards India but ...
... I was unsuccessful
I beg forgiveness of you and all my ancestors
This county should be named after you
I say this with all sincerity
No, lather!
The county is best named after Bharat
Besides, I am tainted. It is because of me that ...
... India stands on the doorstep of destruction
I, too, am guilty
Maybe this bed of arrows is ...
... a kind of repentance
You have not done anything, my son
India will be grateful for what you have done
Enough of lying on this bed of arrows
Come away with me!
Heaven awaits you!
Heaven awaits me ?
Yes, my son!
There are many warriors there!
But none compares with you!
Let's go!
No, lather!
I cannot obey you at this moment
Why my son?
As the eldest of Bharat's clan ...
... I am the host
I cannot go before the guests
I can only leave after I bid farewell ...
... to all those who are to leave
Besides, I had also given you my word ...
... that I would not give up my life ...
... till Hastinapur is secure
That is the meaning of wishful death
Yes, my son
Do not be sad for me ...
... because I am not even sad for myself
You do not need my blessing
Even then, this Brahmin wishes to bless you
The only reward of your life can be that ...
... you attain salvation
I cannot even ask God for this reward ...
... because I am not worthy of it
You are the only unselfish Man of Action
We are all caught up in selfish desires
O Bhishma! I must leave before you
So, accept my last salute
Sage Drona pays his last respects ...
... to Bhishma
The world never again will see ...
... an unselfish man like Bhishma