Autodesk Revit: Creating Sheet Views

Uploaded by AutodeskBuilding on 04.05.2011

In Revit, you create a sheet view for each sheet in a construction document set.
You can place multiple drawings or schedules on a sheet.
To create a sheet, in the Project Browser, right-click the Sheets category and click New Sheet.
Select the titleblock template to use for the sheet.
You can renumber and rename the sheet to match project or office standards.
In this example, you are creating a sheet for section views.
To place a view on a sheet, drag it from the Project Browser, release the mouse button, position the outline of the view, and then click to
place it. The view title includes the view name and the scale specified in the view.
Notice that when you place another view, guidelines display, helping you position the views so the view titles are aligned.
You can see that the callout head in the top section view is updated to display the correct sheet and view number references.
When you look at the section mark in the plan view, you can see that it also displays the correct sheet and view number references.
On the View tab, select Guide Grid.
This option provides a visual aid for placing views on sheets.
Drag the controls to adjust the grid extents as required, and modify the grid spacing on the Properties palette.
Reference elements in views such as levels and grids can be snapped to guide grids for better positioning of your views.
On the Properties palette, for Guide Grid, select None to clear the grid.
Creating sheet views provides an accurate and versatile way to document and present your Revit project.