Master Bedroom Shades | That Garden Home Challenge With P. Allen Smith

Uploaded by ehowhome on 20.10.2012

You watched us design and build this house in 150 days, but the work is far from over.
We're about to jump into my favorite part of the process of bringing all this together.
Join me for an exclusive look right here on eHow Home. It's very exciting in that we are
putting the finishing details on the windows in this room. You know, windows are so important
when it comes to an eco-friendly house. You can lose a lot of energy through windows.
That's why we wanted to make sure that these windows were double paned. It increases the
energy efficiency. And this is a line of windows from Marvin that were more affordable for
us, but they also give us a really high energy rating, because it's really impressive how
much heat come into a room in the summer by not having adequate windows. Now we're ready
to decorate, and you can actually help increase the energy efficiency by using drapery or
window treatments. And in this case, what I'm using is this beautiful colored linen
in the form of a Roman shade which will fold out. I'll show that in just a moment. But
it's fitted for this window by the shade store, and they're very easy to install. You see,
just by looking at these pre-marked points here, here and here, it's attached just up
inside the window casing up here. You see, what's marvelous about these Roman shades
is that even in winter, when the wind is howling outside, you can drop the shades and it helps
keep the room warmer. In the summer, by pulling the shades, you don't have all that hot bright
light coming in. This is a south facing window and so you can imagine the light that would
pour in here in the heat of summer. And let's go over here and look at this one that's already
installed. What I love about these Roman shades, once they're installed, you can see how tailored
the fit is and the ease of use. You see, all you have to do is do this to lower and raise
them. So, very nice. And I love this little safety feature here. You know, so often children
can get caught up in strings or ropes or beads like this, and so, this keeps that form happening
-- you just attach it to the inside of the window like that. Very nice. And let's talk
about color for just a moment. If you look here, these are some big pillows that I wanna
use on the bed, and I took this color of brown, sort of a gray brown -- you see, it's very
close to this linen color, so I get this color echo going. I wanted those deepest tones in
the windows. And you can see this wall color is very similar to this taupe or brown you
can see in this thread color here. So it's all coming together. If you like what you
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