Hungama (2003) w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 13

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"I'll carve you to pieces! Either you live, or l"
I'll kill you first and die afterwards!
"Yes, carve me to pieces, kill me! Hack me!"
"calm down, Anjali"
What will you get out of yelling? It'll only attract the neighbours
"lf you lose your respect, how will you live with honour?"
What respect is left to be lost anyway?
Look at this letter! Written by her lover!
"My dear Anjali, our hearts met and united at my shop"
"l know, that old man is a shackle in your feet"
"l did what I could to reason with that scoundrel..."
but he just won't agree! - Lies! This is a pack of lies!
I'll hack you to pieces! He further writes...
"There's just one way left. Tonight, I'll quietly rescue you from that hell"
Read it for yourself! Why do it on the sly?
"go away openly! Before that, end your relationship with me!"
He got someone to write the letter! He wants to throw me out so he...
can bring that young girl home. - Which young girl!
No wonder he's putting all these false proofs together!
But that's not happening! I will go away...
I brought three cars full of gold... - You want that back with interest?
Yes! - That's what you want?
I'm not giving it!
I'm not parting with a penny. Fo what you can!
"go away and file a case. Before that, leave from here!"
Weep on the videocon's shoulders! Don't shed your tears here..
I know Anjali very well. She can't have an affair like the one you say
"You mean, he's having an affair? I know Mr Tiwari very well"
He's not that kind of a man!
"The less said about your knowledge, the better!"
"Sir, trusting womenfolk is like committing suicide"
I suspect you too are having an affair behind my back!
Lawyer! Are you here to sort out my problem or create one for yourself?
"No, sir. We must solve this puzzle"
We can decide it only after we get to know who's behind all this
Who's that boy? Let's call him here
Oh yes. Let's decide this once and for all
"I'll call that boy right here. - No, sir..."
I have a condition before you call that boy here
You're a very hot-tempered man. - give that to me
"You will reason with that boy, without getting excited..."
or creating any scenes. It ought to remain in the family
The two of us will go inside...
he mustn't think you're humiliating him in front of the world
"Speak up, Tiwari. Here I am"
"Fid you write this letter, Romeo? - What?"
"Anjali, our hearts... - Yes, I wrote it"
You wrote this letter despite knowing what the consequences would be?
Yes. - Since you have so much courage...
"tell me to my face, how much do you love Anjali?"
Anjali means the life to me!
You want to hear that again? - Lawyer!
You? - Papa!
So you were born of him...? It makes sense then
"When the brand itself is faulty, this is how the showroom will be!"
Boys are often naughty at this age
"But the womenfolk must preserve their honour, mustn't they?"
"Watch your tongue, lawyer! - I see! The bitter truth!"
"Whatever my son's character, he's surely better than you are!"
You don't even know how many sons of yours are roaming the city!
What rubbish! - Listen boy. Speak the truth
Did I ever tell you that I'm in love with you?
No. - So then?
"I've been talking about Anjali, his daughter"
My daughter Anjali...? Which new daughter is that...?
You also have another daughter!
He's lying! Absolutely! - O god! What am I hearing?
It's lies! - Something's happening to me...
Tell me the truth. How many wives and children do you have?
My darling wife! He's lying! - You're the one who's lying
I used to drop her here every evening!
One moment... where's that girl right now?
"Papa, this old man must've hidden her somewhere"
god! What a monster! - He's lying
"Do you have any contact number? - Yes, I have her friend's number"
"Ask her where she is. call her here. - Yes, call her here!"
This is our Nandu!
"He has run away from home. The informer will be paid 200,000"
"200,000! Popat! You've hit the jackpot of 200,000!"
"Let me see how you step out. It has to do with 200,000 rupees"
"How did you get there? - Popatji, I'm leaving"
Leaving? How can you leave just like that?
Your picture has been published in the newspapers!
"The one who takes you home will get 200,000 rupees"
"Fon't mess with my reward, please. Stop there... stop!"
Remember something...? Isn't she your daughter?
"Sorry, I made a mistake"
They met in the garden as father and daughter. god!
"Take me away! - god isn't a weight lifter, fat lady!"
Shut up!
My child... am I your father?
"You call her "My child" and ask her whether you're her father!"
Shut up... my child... am I your father?
Hurry up and speak. It has to do with my married life!
What nonsense! You told me that you're his daughter!
That he hates the idea of you working in my store!
And I even met you at this very place!
Please forgive me
All these misunderstandings are taking place because of me
But please hear me out once
"After that whatever punishment you give me, I will accept"
I came to this city to look for a job
"Despite the best of my efforts, I couldn't find one"
And when I got the opportunity to work at his showroom...
I didn't want to lose it. So I spoke one lie after another
"To hide one lie, I had to lie many more times"
That's the truth
"After a very long time, I've spoken the truth today"
"Don't cry, my child"
What has happened is in the past. We hold nothing against you
Where is your other son? - There she goes again!
You want to see? You want to?
I come here for the last time!
"One problem ends, another one begins!"
"Welcome, you're the one we were missing. - It's either this way or that today!"
You folks don't know what a dirty rotten scoundrel I am!
I knew that the moment I saw you. - Silence!
Where is my daughter? - What? His daughter?
He always asked where my son was! And now he asks where his daughter is!
Do you suffer from any disease ? - When you got to know...
that I'd have my daughter married to your son...
you had my daughter kidnapped! Where is my daughter?
She has married me and is very happy to be with me
What are you going to do...? - I'll take your life!
It's not a toy. You might kill me! Put it away!
Shut up! I could pump your body with lead anyway!
I know all of you are conspiring against me!
So everyone's going with me. If anyone refuses...
it'll be his last refusal! Move it!
"I'm going to bite you back, you dog!"
Stop there! - get him!
get him!
Get out..."This is not a garden, it's my place. The place of death"
Where's my daughter? - It's coming out of my ears!
"From my house to here about 25KM, you asked me a hundred times!"
Which language you do understand? - Where is my daughter?
"Tell me, else I'll kill you!"
You hit me!
Wait there...