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Let me clear this out, I'll be back.
This place's just whacked, for real!
It's filled with hookers man! That is just typical of you, Eko.
What's typical of me, Jimmy?
You've been on my ass since the start of this trip.
I got it! You're the guy with the car, shit! Not tonight, Man.
Oh Astrid, take my seat over here You guy with the car!
Eko, don't be like that please.
Saved by the bell, Dude.
Where's the mike? Let's crash this place!
How's Ladya?
More complicated than I thought.
Then let me talk to her.
She's practically a sister to me.
I'll talk to her now.
This is what mom and dad left us.
I will send for more.
What's this for Adjie? I don't need money.
You do not need to live like this.
I'll take care of everything.
You could live at mom and dad's house.
And if you want to get back to college...
You're here to rescue me now? I'm happy with the way things are.
They've accepted me over in Australia.
We'll be flying tomorrow.
I wanted to say goodbye.
You came all the way over here to tell me that.
I knew. Astrid called me about this.
So there was no need for you to...
Ladya, please!
Can't we just talk? Like the old days?
Listen, Adjie...
Every time I see you...
I thought back of mom and dad... their accident.
What should I do?
They wouldn't have catch that taxi had it not been for you!
Take good care of Astrid now...
Hey, where's our dessert?
I'm sorry, we don't serve what you've requested.
Then why don't you be our dessert, Sweetie?
Careful, your boyfriend might get jealous.
She just called you a homo!
Wait a minute.
Easy man. What's with you? Never tasted a man's touch?
You alright? I'm okay...
You and me outside.
Just so you know... you'll be a dead man.
That's so classic of you, Alam.
You should see the way you look when you got beaten.
If it wasn't for me, you're dead, Man!
Now what's your excuse?! I should fire you! Sir, allow me.
Who's this now? It's all right, Jim... What now?
Why bring up your friends here?
Customer's safety should have been your responsibility, right?
Come here... My friend's head is bleeding.
I'm gonna find that guy! Cut him into pieces! Bitch!
Are you alright? Yeah, nothing new there.
So what time's the flight?
Are you okay to fly?
It's fine. Should be nice to give birth there.
Boy or girl?
I've a feeling it's a boy.
Though your brother prefers it to be a surprise.
We shall see.
Oh, yeah.
For when the baby's old enough, this is from her auntie.
Thank you, Aunt Ladya.
It'll be nice if you give it yourself though?
I'm going to miss you so bad.
Take good care in Sydney.
Won't you join us till the airport then?
We won't know when will we meet again, right?
It's raining soon, Honey.
Ah! Someone's decided to come after all.
Alam, you're a happy camper now eh?
What the? Just in time...
Go on, move the car backward A storm out of nowhere.
To Jakarta...with Ladya. Alam's happy.
Off we go!
Oh shit!
Who is she?
She's shivering...
Lemme out! Where are you going?
Helping her damn it Eko wait! Eko!
Aways with him... Guys, let's stay out of this.
Wait a sec, Okay? What now?
Said she's been robbed What? Yes.
Where does she live?
Don't know. I haven't ask that. she's all spaced out.
Uh, where do you live miss?
Where are you heading to?
Would you like us to call a taxi miss?
We're going to Jakarta. will find my house.
Let's help her.
We could be late.
Please. She's just a girl all alone. We couldn't leave her, right?
She's right, Adjie Okay, okay...
Miss, let us take you home then. Just point us the way, okay?
Take a front seat, Okay?
What now?
Lemme drive, Man.
Come on, be a bro dammit.
Sorry, Astrid Its okay.
Freaking baldie.
Miss, what is your name?
What's wrong?
Maya, are we on the right course?
We have arrived.
Would you like to come in? Thanks Maya, we are fine.
I want to introduce you to mother.
Just to greet her.
It won't take long.
Would you...Eko?
You all just wait here, Okay? Let me call my mother.
House smells like old farts.
You seemed so tense. What's up?
Nothing, feels rather weird though.
Ease up.
We'll be on our way soon. Okay?
Everyone, this is my mother.
I am Dara.
How old is the baby?
About 8 months now.
My deepest gratitude for taking Maya back home.
We couldn't just leave her by herself.
Please stay for a bit. The baby could use some rest.
I want to prepare a simple feast as our gratitude.
No need for that, Ma'am. We ought to get ready anyway.
I must insist, I won't allow. My self to be impudent
So allow me to repay your kindness.
Take a short rest.
Before returning to your journey.
It is alright, Adjie.
It won't be long. You all must be hungry.
You still have quite a distance to go.
Maybe we could use a little rest.
Sorry, can I use the bathroom?
Maya, would you take him upstairs?
Please excuse myself now.
You could've said "No Thank You". We would be on our way now.
We would be on our way now.
Sorry, Man.
Its fine dear. Seems like its going to rain anyhow.
Yeah, Bro. I could use some grubs.
Lam, can I borrow your light?
Just hold on to it! Cheers.
You scared me, Jerk! Get a life.
Should have seen your face. Classic moment.
This place must be very old look at those photos.
Cool, huh?
Looks kinda sharp, Lam!
Serious killer this one.
Look, original Japanese. Razor sharp eh?
Yeah, just put it back man.
Too damn cool...
Excuse me.
It's an old keepsake, very fragile.
Sorry, he was just playing with it. Didn't mean anything by it.
Did I scare you out there?
No, I was just... I did not want to intrude.
Thank you for helping my sister.
Maya, she's your sister?
I am Adam Ladya.
Those? Your friends?
That's Jimmy and Alam. Sorry, they are harmless.
It is alright.
You are so kind. Rare for someone to help others nowadays, not even in accidents.
The picture, is there a meaning?
This? Not at all. I just like the design.
Do you like tattoos?
Love to see.
Afraid of having one.
May I touch it?
Please drink this.
Dinner is ready.
You may come with us now.
Actually, if it's alright I rather rest here.
Alright, Dear?
We have a guest room upstairs.
Maya, take her upstairs.
Follow me please.
I'll be fine dear, just go and eat.
Honey wait! Actually I'll be with my wife.
My friends will stay for dinner. Thank you.
Where are you going?
I'll catch up, Honey.
I'm staying with Astrid.
Lam... after you're done, Let's just roll okay? Thanks, Man.
I leave you for now.
Thank you, Maya.
This is Arman.
To our guests.
Thank you for helping one of us.
Please accept our small form of gratitude.
You may begin.
You made this all by yourself?
Damn, this is some gourmet meat! Definitely 5 star quality.
Alam, you must try that one.
Nice necklace, any meaning?
This family heirloom has been passed on for many generations.
Why can't she get past it? Think of her future instead.
Easy on yourself, Dear.
Eventually, everything will work out.
You're okay?
The baby is kicking hard Really?
It's a girl for sure.
How would you know? A talker, just like her mom.
This wine must be really old. My head's spinning.
But damn, it's good.
Eko, why don't you just spend the night here?
Uh, sure...yeah.
Mother, may I be excused?
Ladya, try this.
Let me try that.
Tastes rather unique.
Don't think I can finish this. I'm quite full.
The other guests... They never finished either.
How old are you anyway?
How old would you think I am?
What is wrong Eko?
Arman, bring them downstairs.
Adam, prepare the tools.
We have the first pickup soon.
You are awake.
Where are the others?
Your friends?
They are upstairs.
Yeah? Very well...
I'm going up then.
Just wait.
We never really get to talk.
Why is that?
Ladya's upstairs too?
What is it with her?
Just come with the kitchen.
Wouldn't you like to have a taste... of what you're seeing now?
I just wanted to know where the others are.
I told you, they are upstairs. Why would you leave me all alone?
Eko, where the hell are you?
What now?
What is so wrong with me?
What is so wrong with me?
What huh? What's wrong with me?!
What do you want?! Huh?
What about now?
I'll stab you! I swear I will! Stay away!
Go to the room!!
Ladya, wake up!!
Shh, Ladya!
It stinks here...
Where are we?
Alam!! Adjie!!
Where the hell is everyone?!
That bitch...this is all her doing!
This is your fault!!
What do you want from us!?
We will pay!! We have money!!!
Call, just call them!
Ladya! Be careful!
Jimmy...'s Alam! Alam, we're in here!
We're all tied up, help us!!
Alam, what's going on here? Help us!
Ladya, what's going on dammit?!
The guy with glasses! Call him, Ladya!!
No! Don't.
No, please...
Please, God no...
Alam is dead.
Why are you doing this?!
I'm here, Dear!
The father of your child is alright.
Stay there, Dear! Do not go out!
Do not hurt Astrid.
Adjie! Don't hurt him!!
Your kindness towards Maya. Brought all of you here tonight.
Thank you, Astrid.
No...not Ladya!
Let Ladya go!
No, don't touch her! Let go!
Not her! Let her go!
Let her go!
I don't want to die... Please!
You fat son of a bitch! Eko, come on!
You damn pig! Fat bitch!
Come on you fat shit! You fat pig! Let Ladya go!
Let her go...
Yes, yes...
Good, everything is complete.
Lady Dara?
She is preoccupied right now.
She sent her kindest regards to them.
Do you feel it, Astrid?
As of now you can only rely on yourself.
What you have drank earlier...
...will aid you in getting through this.
Have no fear, Astrid.
A woman's strength is one that few can imagine.
Your pain right now...
Does not compare to what you will deliver to this earth.
All questions will soon answered.
You can hear it, can't you?
My baby...!
God damn it!
Help me, Man!
Where are we?
Wait! We can't!
Where the hell?
The house! It's up there!
Come on!
Come on.
Where's your car, Jim?
Huh? My car...?
Lad? Where the hell, Man?
Ah! Ah! My Ear!
Shit! Bitch! We got to run, Eko!
Eko, wait!.
Eko! Ladya, faster!
How are we going to get out, Jim?
I can't take this shit anymore!
Everyone's dead Jim! They all dead!!
Ladya's all alone out there!
Dead...all dead!. Stop saying that!.
We...we have to...
Where you going, Man?
Jim... Ladya...she's out there alone!
Don't leave me, Man!
You stay put!
Slowly Jim...
Watch your step.
Quick...Everything is going to be...
Run! run Ladya!
Wake up...
Wake up...
Not my baby...
I can imagine the pain you are going through.
A mother...
...that have to loose her child.
Not even a name given...
I am giving you one chance.
Take a look at your husband.
Help him...
And maybe you two can get out of here...
...and live longer...
Should you choose the child...
I promise you, All of you will end by tonight.
The child is not yours anymore.
Our baby...its a boy...
Astrid... child.
It shouldn't have ended like this.
You bitch! Die!!
May I help you?
Sorry, Sir.
My name is Syarief. This here is my unit.
Are you the owner of this villa?
We have been living here for a while, Sir.
Would you come with me, Ma'am?
Who's that bald man?
He is one of the student renting a room here, Sir.
He is from Jakarta.
Jakarta kid, huh?
No wonder.
We found him by the road.
I'd like to know how did he end up there.
I asked for his help, Sir.
My dog went missing into the forest Dog you said?
Anyone saw a dog?
No, Sir!! Didn't see any, Sir.
I asked him to look for it Sure you did.
Um, could you tell me, how many rooms do you have over here?
You won't mind if I take a quick look, right?
You see, they are all top cops. Including myself.
I almost forgot. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sonny.
Sonny Samba.
Why don't we bring the boy back in?
The poor boy must be freezing Sure then, Ma'am.
Alright, Ma'am.
As you know, its our duty to be on full alert with these matters.
Though I could request that the other kids won't be causing any troubles then?
So are we clear of any problems then, Sir?
No problem at all, Ma'am.
Yes, Sir!! Always with that damn phone. Bring the bald one in!
Right away, Sir!
Wake up. Let's see this necklace.
Yes, Sir!! What the hell are you doing?
Help me out! I'm waking baldie up, Sir!
Don't you try anything funny I won't, Sir. Promise.
Quick Now!! Baldie, wake up, wake up now!
Quickly!! Baldie! Wake up! Stupid ass.
Quick I said!! Jeez! okay, I'm coming down now, just chill.
He's just unconscious.
He'll be up in no time.
He's fortunate that I'm not dragging him to the station.
You are very understanding, Sir.
What's that sound?
Taufiq! Yes, Sir Check it out!
Yes, Sir!
Sir... are you alright?
What's is wrong?
Dear God...
Are you okay?
Somethings fishy in this house.
Taufiq! Sonny!
Mr. Policeman...
Oh miss, what's with the black out, Miss?
What the hell...
Shit. Where the hell...
Taufik! Freeze!! Stop!
Shit. Shit. Shit!! What a mess, what awful mess...
We're so screwed..! Sir? Shit! This not right! Let's go man! Taufik!
Shut the hell up and stay close! I'll shut up, Okay!
Let's go!! Right bro, Let's go..., Let's roll. I'm here... I'm here...
Taufik! Taufik!
Sonny, where the hell are you?!
Sonny, what's wrong?!
Bro, get up! Stand up! He's coming!
Shit! Where is the bullet?
Come on, Sonny! Quick! Bastard!
Help me, Ma'am...
Where is it?
Hey, Slut!
Die bitch!.
My child...
My son...
Astrid, oh God...
They are upstairs.
Bring me their heads.
Get the hell away from her!
Adjie, watch out!
Adjie...I'm so sorry, Man.
Forgive me.
Everything ends right here, Ladya.
Adjie...I wanna to go home!
Eko!!! Ladya...
Look at all this.
Look at what you have caused tonight...
Where is the baby?
You'll never touch him!
Why are you doing this?
Why can't you just let us go?!
They want you.
Because they want to live longer.
You've tasted it...
Adjie..! Ladya...Look... Look over my son.
Don't leave me, Adjie.
Don't leave me, don't go...
Forgive me...
I need you, Adjie...
I need you...
Don't leave me...
Unit 04... report to base.
Unit 04...where are you guys patrolling? Please respond, Unit 04.
Let's go home now...