TrollsNews 84 - MandaSwaggie, Charles Carreon vs TheOatMeal

Uploaded by Trollsnews on 20.06.2012

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Good evening and welcome to another episode of TrollsNews, show that brings you all the
important information about trolls or just a random drama on the internet.
The thing that wasn't on trollsnews for some time was sent to us by DizzyTheConquer, and
that is Justin Bieber troll. MandaSwaggie is a twitter user with over 30k subscribers
who is defending Justin Bieber. She's pretending to be a huge Justin Bieber fan, but on a level
that any sane person who is able to use a computer just can't be. She is mostly followed
by Justin Bieber haters.
There is no surprise that Amanda, is just a troll, few days ago she released a video
where she talks to all the haters and tells them to suck her dick, this is like if Justin
Bieber would say "suck my dick", I'm pretty sure that girls don't have dicks. She also
argues that Justin Bieber is a king of pop because Michael Jackson is already dead. To
be honest I don't really give a fuck about this, pop sucks anyway. Currently on her twitter
she says that people are harassing her in real life and again I somehow doubt that,
it sounds just like the typical trolling trick to make people feel like their winning.
Umishiru sent us the next report and this one is about Charles Carreon vs TheOatMeal.
Many of you probably know about the story from last week where FunnyJunk wanted to sue
TheOatMeal, and TheOAtMeal author Matthew Inman replied with making fundraiser to raise
money for charities. Now the funnyjunk lawyer Charles Carreon is sueing Matthew because
of a picture he included in his response.
Carreon claims that TheOatMeal used his fans to attack him, which is really not what happened.
People like Mr Asshole here don't understand that we fight for our own, and more high profile
the target more entertaining it is for us. The interesting thing here is that he's not
only sueing Matthew but also indiegogo the site that hosts Matthews fundraiser and both
charities for witch Matthew tries to raise money. Somehow I think that Carreon will crash
and burn with this one.
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