Tutorial Jailbreak 4.4 AppleTV 2

Uploaded by EdoardoPratelli on 25.10.2011

I Show you, how to jailbreak
the 4.4 firmware of Apple TV 2.
So, to do this you need 2 things to do that:
one -> The 4.4 aTV2 firmware (9A334v)
two -> SeasOnPass (link in description)
But there are 2 problem,
one -> The jailbreak is tethered
Some application don't work, like XBMC, Plex, Remote HD and Rowmote
We needs to have a mac or a PC,
An Apple TV 2
The apple remote, to turn the atv into DFU mode
and "Last but not least" a micro USB cable.
Connect atv to the computer with the micro USB cable.
The atv light turn on and blink, and iTunes automatically start up
We need to put atv into DFU with the apple remote.
So you can press menu+play/pause button for 7 seconds
When you relase it disconnect and reconnect the atv quickly
Open SeasOnPass pressing "alt" button click on "create IPWS"
Select the ATV2 4.4 firmware that you have alredy download
When he patch the firmware, upload a file on your atv in DFU mode
When he finished to upload the file, SeasOnPass open automatically iTunes to restore the patched firmware
Select the firmware in the opened folder
iTunes restore your ATV with the jailbroken firmware
When iTunes finish the restoring process, you only connect the atv
at your TV to set-up it for the first time
The tutorial for the tethered boot of the 4.4 firmware is coming soon
Thanks for watching =EdoardoPratelli=