Hire a Celebrity for Your Event : How to Hire a Celebrity: Hometown Interest

Uploaded by eHow on 05.11.2008

Hi, I'm Rita Tateel, and what we're talking about recruiting celebrities, we're also talking
about what motivates a celebrity to say yes, beyond money. Sometimes believe it or not,
it might just be a city, that motivates them to say yes. How can a city motivate a celebrity
to say yes? Well, the most obvious reason, is because it's their hometown. They're from
there, and chances are, if they're from a particular city, they still have family there,
and if they have family there, chances are, they want to go back and visit. For example,
Drew Carey, we all know has a very strong tie to Cleveland, and Ben Affleck, is deeply
rooted in Boston, so if you have an event or a project, in those kinds of cities, where
the celebrities are from, that could be a motivator to get a celebrity to say yes. Another
thing that motivates them to say yes, when it comes to a city, is celebrities have business
in other cities. For example, Los Angeles, and New York, is where celebrities oftentimes
do business. Not just because that's where they are working, but they may have other
deals going on there, or they may have deals going on in Nashville. So once again, if they
want to get to that city anyways, because of a business deal, your request may be granted
because it's the city that motivates them, to say yes.