Clothing Tips for Tall - Thin - Skinny Men - Menswear Advice Video for a Man 6 Foot or Taller

Uploaded by RealMenRealStyle on 22.06.2011

Hi, my name is Antonio Centeno, Iím the founder of Real Man Real Style and today Iím going
to be talking about clothing for the tall and thin man. Noticed I didnít say big and
tall because we are going to leave the big out of this. There are many men out there
who are well above six foot two, six foot three and they donít have a lot of weight
on them actually proportionally. And they go throughout life looking at things very
different from those of us that are average height. By the way, Iím five foot nine so
how do I know anything about this? Well, Iím a custom clothier by trade so I deal with
men all the time who have fit issues. And over the years and through my research
and study I have learned that there are certain things that a tall, thin man can do in order
to look more proportional. And thatís the key, is you want to look more proportional.
Itís not about looking short or looking bigger because when it comes down to it youíre always
going to look tall and thin. And thatís not a bad thing. Women are attracted to that itís
a little ñ that is very healthy. You have a lot of advantages but one of your big disadvantages
as you know is that itís very difficult to find clothing that fits you properly.
So letís go ahead and talk about your best friend is going to be a tailor when it comes
to clothing because heís going to be able or she, a seamstress is going to be able to
take clothing which is just too big in the torso or you know, possibly even too long.
You know, that would be a great thing there but theyíll be able to adjust that to fit
you better. Because a tailor can always adjust things and they can make anything fit you.
The key is you need to go out and be able to find clothing which is close because there
are issues with proportions and thatís going to be the lemmoning factor for you.
So even though you may find a great jacket which wow looks good on the shoulders, it
looks great in the sleeve length but if it is needs literally eight inches taken out
of the torso, itís just not going to happen. The reason being is proportion so the placement
of the pockets, all of the lines if it has any type of pattern over all, the jacket is
just going to start to look off. And itís not something you would want to use.
You would always want to find a piece of clothing which is at least close. And then you can
get it altered. Whether it be a trouser, whether it be shirts, whether it be a ñ even ties
can actually be altered to some effect. But those are actually probably one of the easier
things. So letís start off with you know, I think
one of the most difficult things for a tall man to find and thatís going to be trousers.
And if youíre ñ and the reason being is that most of the pants out there are made
to fit, not just to tall men but the tall and big men. They want to go for as many body
types as possible. The problem with that is you get a very, very long rise. And the rise
is from the top of the trouser all the way to the bottom of the crotch area.
The problem with that is that it makes your legs look shorter. And when the rise goes
a lot lower than your actual crotch area, all of a sudden you havenít ñ your legs
I mean you basically, you canít move your legs and thatís a huge problem and thatís
something that for a larger man whoís got a little bit of weight here, he wants that
extra room. You do not want that room. So avoid any pants no matter how well they
may fit your lengthwise, if that ñ if youíve got too much room in the crotch area and the
rise is too long, avoid them. Youíre never going to get them to work. Look for brands
that suit your body type. In jeans, I know that AG Jeans they specialize, theyíve got
maybe not necessarily in the stores but you can go to their website and you can find clothing
thatís going to fit taller men. And another option I, you know besides tailors,
I have a friend whose name is Lisa Bruckner. She owns a company called Hendricks Park.
They do a great job of working with men who are harder to fit and donít even want to
go out there and deal with all the shopping and they can ñ so they know exactly what
brands you want to, you want to go look at. And they will deliver right through your door.
So thatís an option as well.. Another option of course is custom clothing.
You can check out my website if you want to know more about that. But thatís something
Iím sure youíve thought about. Not always affordable but there are many options. I mean
thereís a one price point. There are guys over in Hong Kong theyíre another price point.
So you may who want to take a trip over season, have your entire wardrobe done over there.
I specialize in wardrobes that are tailored suit, my custom clothing company. And thatís
something I find that I may be able to kind of bridge the gap. I offer really good quality
and I think I offer pretty good prices as well. Alright, so getting back to the points
why youíre listening to this. So ties, there are companies like,
my friend Hendrick Paul owns this company and it youíll see that theyíve
got 60 inch and above ties. You want a tie which is long because as you know if you dealt
with a tie thatís maybe only 56 inches or 58 inches, youíre going to find that you
got a tie actually a small knot in order for it to end at the right point which is right
at the center of you belt buckle. Instead, simply buy ties which are longer. So you can
find ties for 62 inches and thatís exactly what you should be looking for. In addition,
you want a tie thatís proportionally and a bit wider. So 3.75 inches is about what
youíre looking for if youíre over six foot two, six foot three.
Another thing is shirts. So this is one area where you may want to go custom. There are
companies that are coming out and I havenít ñ Iíve seen companies that one that was
Longshot Apparel and these guys are focusing on the big and tall men. But another option
is custom. And this is where it could really pay dividends because so many men, you can
usually ñ you canít find a brand often times that will fit you. But itís a long and treacherous
ordeal, thatís why I like Lisa and her services over at Hendricks Park. But you want to find
a brand that has and can you know, meet you on the sleeve length, can meet you ñ you
can actually get the collar adjusted so if you end up finding some great deals on shirts,
donít be afraid to have it tailored, take off the entire collar. He can split the back
and make it a little bit smaller. Now as far as adding room thatís a lot more
difficult so you always, thatís why you always want your clothing to be a little bit bigger.
But you can actually dart shirts up to you know depending on your size and your proportions.
But I would say four inches. You can bring in a short in the torso area and just have
it darted. Mostly in the back, you may even have some darts in the front if youíre really
needing to have some room done although I donít really recommend them in the front.
So weíve talked about shirts, weíve talked about trousers, weíve talked about ties.
Now letís talk about jackets. Okay, on jackets theyíre great because theyíre going to help
you look more proportioned and youíre with the one item I think that every tall, thin
man should be wearing. And the reason being is itís going to build out your shoulders.
And when it builds out your shoulders, itís just going to make you look more proportion.
Itís going to add weight to you. Putting on a jacket that fits you well, and if youíre
really thin, I think can easily add 50 pounds to your frame. Not really, well unless you
put some weights in there or something, but no really when I look at this jacket on you
itís going to build out your shoulders, itís going to make your arms look a little bit
bigger. I mean, all of this points are what ñ you donít want to look like a ñ you want
to look normal. You want to look proportioned. You donít want to look skinny and lanky.
And if you wear clothing that fits you too close and you know the big thing is going
to be your shoulders and if those arenít built out a little bit or if you have really
narrow shoulders, thatís where youíre going to start running any issues because if itís
your shoulder in proportion to your head which is going to make you look skinny and unproportioned
and lanky and thatís not what you want. So, hopefully are here are a few points here
which are useful for you in the article which I linked to down below. I try to expand on
a few of those points in addition visit me over at Real Men Real Style. I know you a
lot more ñ I give a lot of information about menís style and how to dress for different
body types and hope you find this useful. Take care, bye.