[27 Aug][ENG] ZE:A - Beating Kwanghee! [1/2]

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[MCs hoping for a girl group...]
Obba obba we've come!
Obba, obba it's me today~
Kids come on!
It's my place here go that way!
So we're having a boy group again today...
The boy group still manages to come admist the girl groups flood...
The viewing rate will go up for boy groups!
Just make it short and leave...
We also don't want to stay here longer!
It's strange...Kwanghee is the only one that doesn't have a name tag
Others all have one...[Oh right... Why?]
Everyone knows him, and people are not familiar with us
He's almost the representative!
I'm sorry I'm sorry! It's a mistake~
Kwanghee's shoes today have mattress on it!
It's an expensive one! [About how much...] A million won!
Really? Is it sponsored? [Yes...]
Kwanghee gets lots of sponsors right...
Yes recently I got quite a lot~ Since I would show them like this!
Perhaps other members also have some to show?
We may need to show our names first!
Although they're in the same group the gap between them keeps on growing...
It's time for you to perform your song "Heart for 2"!
Wait! Wait! Isn't this your own song? It's other's song?
Are they really ZE:A? You guys are really ZE:A?
The one we use for performance and the official one is different...
Are you guys a ZE:A Cosplay?
"I think I understand now..." Start there once again!
This is your last chance!
You change your position again!
It's been a long time for such chaotic group to appear!
This is the final one...
Don't be nervous! Don't be nervous! It's your own song!
They're really ZE:A~
Sorry for the misunderstanding~
As we said before Kwanghee is the more famous one in the group
It's sorry to say but he's the one standing out the most among you all
So would you introduce each member to the audiences?
Anyways if I do a long one it won't be shown... I'll do it quickly
He's the rapper!
This won't be shown anyways! People are not concerned!
This show is not even that long, why should we be using all the time in introducing!
Then just let him as the rapper and continue~
The leader! Quite handsome leader~ I'm not the leader but him!
The dancing machine, if you don't know... He's the dancing machine!
I'm sorry but are you pointing at the audiences too much?
They pretend they don't see it and I'm getting tired!
Im Siwan! His name's sophisticated right... He's good at academics
Park Hyungshik! His name's formal [T/N : pun on his name] but he's participating in a msuical
Kevin! He comes from a foreign country~ So he's good in English
Jung Heechul! The face that you'd yearn for!
It's like you're doing a home shopping ad!
The really handsome one~
Hope that this can be show without being edited out...
They even cut this out?!
This part is also dangerous~ Maybe they'll start with the rapper then jump to the face you yearn for
Since you have so many members it's inevitable to have the mainstream and nonmainstreams
Who think he's the mainstream?
That's why we've prepared this - "Catching up with Kwanghee!"
First we'll see how Kwanghee can perform in a certain area, then the members will try to follow
We'll rank them immediately~ Who's the one that comes closest to Kwanghee?
Who can do well in varieties? It'll be shown by the ranking~
The first one: Kwanghee's acting
The wind is blowing~
I want to become a lighthouse in my next life!
Although I'm a human, I want to become a lighthouse~
The acting is so precious~
Who thinks he can act better than Kwanghee? First~
Siwan~ Siwan's eyes are burning~
But the lighthouse... I have to do this?
Did you see how Siwan come out just now? He uses too many insoles that he walks like Robocop!
We're idols~~~
[Although it's so hot he still wears boots and suffers!] It's so hot that even wearing sneakers is hard!
Ah I wanna become a lighthouse~ A lighthouse~
[What has he done] Siwan #1!
I'm having goosebumps!
Who can do better than Siwan?
I'll recommend Hyungshik since he's also doing musical
Ah~ I wanna become a lighthouse~
Someone's backing you up?
Oh scary~ It's scary~
He sounds like a hooligan!
Do it again~
I wanna become a lighthouse~ I'm fed up with everything~ I'm fed up with Kwanghee hyung~
Being fed up with Kwanghee... The adlib is nice~
Then~ Heechul can't be left out~
Do it as you want to~
Kevin is helping him to get the best angle from the camera~
[Moved by how he cares for his member] Kevin #2!
It's like this?!
The manner you show just in a moment~
I also got my script to say~
Please look into the camera~
I've prepared the lines about seducing a pretty married woman~
Fixed #8!
[Why why?] To think about it as a married man...
As if he's disappeared! Far away~
The second thing Kwanghee's showing us~
In varieties I always do the kkab dance~
I'll demonstrate~ I've prepared Miss A's "Goodbye Baby"~
So this is the "I'm Hwang Kwanghee" moment!
This is the reason why I can beat JoKwon and get the #1 in varieties~ [T/N: I think in some polls he did...]
He's like the nuclear hurricane in 2011's Varieties!
You can go for comic dance or more difficult ones~
#3 for now! As he stands out by himself~ The confidence~ Passion for the show~
Instead of unaccompanied, Kevin will do beatbox~
He's helping you? Kevin #1! He's amazing~
Being considerate and his manner~
I can also do beatbox!
It's too late~ It's too late~
You follow him!!
He's copying!
Release your leg!
In varieties imitation means death!
The worst thing is to copy~
So we'll have Kevin's beatbox~
New #2!
He's slightly losing to the considerate Kevin~
Minwoo you did well! You both did well!
Hyungshik... He was really formally the #1...
Then for some time I'm already here~
Siwan has become the #4~
Heechul is also good at kkab dance~
Trying to reverse the situation?
Choose whatever song you like~ It's like a jukebox~ They got all~
A more exciting hip hop song~
Talking about Hip Hop... "The Way Rappers Break Up Part 2" [T/N: The title of the song by one of the MCs, Defcon]
Your boyfriend has left~ [T/N: The lyrics...]
Kevin centre! MC!
Siwan also has a very cool one~
Tumbling! Tumbling! [I can't!]
Flying shoes~! lol
Siwan #1!
#1 #1 #1!
He also has such hidden talent...
People may not know but he was able to enter Korea University...'s exams... Though he ended up in Busan University...
Exams? We also went to exams for Seoul University~
But he went for interview for Korea University... But he still enters Busan University~
He went for Korea University's exam but he gets his place in Busan University?
He went for both Universities and he was admitted... He's smart~
If he didn't join our group he would have been way above us~
His passion in music and dance~
What's the dance he just danced to? [Shuffle dance~]
What's the title of the song?
[Nice pronounciation] PD!!!
For this level he can produce his own program!
Rediscovering Kevin~
This short but enjoyable "Catching up with Kwanghee!"
Our best member - Kevin!