Lynn University Campus Tour

Uploaded by LynnUni on 07.11.2011

Welcome to lynn university where all styles are welcome.
My name is Miguel Antunes, Ill be showing you around campus today.
One of the first things that you'l notice when you step on campus is our circle of flags.
Flags surrounding us represent the near eighty countries our students come from.
At Lynn you'll make friends from all over the globe.
So don't forget your passport.
There are so many international students
so I have friends from France, England, South America.
One of the best places to study on campus is our library,
with computer labs and study lounges open twenty-four seven
we provide and environment that best suits your learning style.
Head up to the third floor in the library and you'l find our college of international.
So for our future film-makers, actors, broadcasters and journalists we have two
interactive TV studios
editing labs and internet radio station and a computerized newspaper office.
Speaking of learning we're in ASAF one of the many picturesque classroom environments on
here you'l find classes to suit your learning needs.
Seeing in class the "aha" moment's
and have a student tell me "WOW"
I never took a math class like this before
we make meaningful relationships with our professors
At Lynn faculty is here to help you decide your future major, get career advice
even ask their best recommendation for the best restaurant in town.
Allowing your students to get their feet wet when it comes to politics and history for
example I take my students to newspaper offices
television stations, we've gone out the everglades, gone on an airboat and
looked for alligators.
I can't talk about learning at lynn without mentioning our focus on international education.
Welcome to our international center.
Home to our center for global education and citizenship
here you'l find incredible study abroad opportunities wether you'd like to travel for
ten days
two weeks or a semester abroad.
Lets step out of the classroom and talk about some of those things your curious
about, like the food.
dining halls at Lynn aren't just a place to grab your food and go
they are total social centers
centers I always run into my friends and professors here while enjoying some
home-style cooking
My favorite food in the cafeteria would have to be the pasta because you can
add all your favorite ingredients and personalize it.
One of the great things about Lynn is that our voice is heard
so they've made a burrito bar, stir fry station, ice cream machine, and even the
vegetarian market to fit everyone's lifestyle.
You don't have to be a fashion major to design your home away from home.
Our residence hall's are roomier than most,
and perfect for relaxing in the AC after a day at the beach or pool
or you can always hit the hammock.
No campus tour is complete without visiting our gym where our fighting knights call home,
with eleven highly competitive division two teams we proudly hold nineteen
national championships, and twenty-seven conference titles.
The WOLD performing arts center is our newest addition to campus.
As a Lynn student you will hear some of the best musicians in the world play here,
witness moving student plays, and maybe even sit in on a presidential debate.
Okay so now you've seen a glimpse of our campus in gorgeous Boca Raton Florida.
The truth is you are going to consider dozens of colleges and universities,
large and small,
down the street or far away from home
but the best way to choose your future school
is to experience it.
So come visit our campus and feel the energy of the Lynn lifestyle,
don't forget that passport.