Football Basics : How to Play Touch Football

Uploaded by expertvillage on 02.12.2008

Talk about touch football. If you want to play touch football, its really the same thing
as tackle football but instead of tackling the guy to the ground, you're going to touch
them with either one hand or two hands depending on what the rules were stipulated at the beginning
of the game. Hey guys, let's play one hand touch. One touch gets them down. Or hey guys,
let's do two hand touch. Makes it a little tougher, you got to get two hands on the guy
then he's down. If you score a touchdown in touch football you get 6 points. Its the same
as regular football. You can make up your own rules in touch football because usually
touch football is played on the street where you don't want to get tackled to the hard
pavement. So you just say hey, let's, hey that green Chevy down there is going to be
the end zone here and you're going to get four chances to score alright? And the red
Nissan is going to be the other end zone. You need four people to play touch football.
Or three, one all-time quarterback and two receivers. All-time quarterback means there's
one guy who's just going to play quarterback the entire time and really the teams are the
remaining two players. One plays receiver, the other plays defense until he stops them
then it switches. There is rushing in touch football but if there's no linemen or you
don't want to have an extra player to play lineman, then you use a count system which
common terms are counting the Mississippi's or counting bananas so you'd say alright seven
banana and as soon the ball is snapped, the defensive player would say one banana, two
banana, three banana, four banana, five banana, six banana, seven banana, he would be able
to charge the quarterback at that time. Blocking usually in touch football is just kind of,
its up to the players to decide how they want to do it, but usually if you keep your hands
in, usually this is kind of like a block, just keep your hands in like this and you
can block otherwise it gets a little messy when you start pushing and guys start going
down and fights ensue and gets a little ugly.