SM Town Mexico Fan Project Video Part 1 // SM 타운 Live 멕시코 팬 프로젝트 비디오

Uploaded by SMTownMexicoFANS on 03.06.2011

Hi, I'm one of the administrators of the SMTOWN LIVE in MEXICO [FANS]
I will start explaining this project for all the viewers
I'll explain what are we doing and what we wanna get.
The SMTOWN LIVE IN MEXICO [FANS] is a Facebook's Fanpage
Our initiative was be more than 10,000 fans for show to SM ENTERTAINMENT one thing :
And now, currently We are more than 15,000 fans. Now the Fans are united because
We want Kpop concerts in Mexico
Can you belive it? more than 15,000 fans are waiting for the SMTOWN LIVE in MEXICO.
The page was established on April 19th ,2011. And many people started
supporting the initiative for bring the SMTOWN Concert to Mexico
Now I will show you the more important achievements of the SMTOWN LIVE IN MEXICO's Fanpage.
The page SMTOWN Live in MEXICO [FANS] , was established on April 19th, 2011 at 20:43.
Since that day until now, we reached more than 15,000 fans~!!
Another thing that was achieved on April 24th,2011 , was an interview about our movement
with a Radio Show in Quintana Roo, Mexico ''Radio Riviera''
-''Have you listened KPOP?''
-''Kpop?, No''
-''It's a new style of korean music, so important now in Mexico''
On April 28th, 2011 , We achieve for first time in Mexico in a
National TV show, a tv report about KPOP in Mexico.
-''Now, let's know a bit about KPOP, this is KPOP~!!''
-''Since the creation of the POP, the POP is one of the genre of music with more fanatics in the world
the success of the pop is due to a brilliant and contagious formula, popular, commercial and
captivating for millions of ears, the pop doesn't know any rule, and is capable of creating phenomena
....Like K-POP''
''The Kpop is an abbreviation of Korean Pop, also know as Hallyu or Korean Wave''
''Their popularity is growing a high speed and experts of the industry think than they are like
american pop, but with better and talented singers, who have in the singing more catchy rhythms
to which we are accustomed to hearing''
A fundamental factor for the internationalization of KPOP is the internet, the music and videos of Korean
bands have reached places who they never think with tools like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube
for give you an idea of the impact of the KPOP, a few months ago a korean newspaper published
all the visits of Kpop videos on Youtube and the result is for amazing! listen it:
923 different videos and 793,750,000 of visits!! We must say the Korean Wave arrived to Mexico
and apparently to stay. Exist more than 20 fans clubs and thousands of followers in Mexico.
On April 28th, 2011 . In Mexico this day was proclaimed as the Official Day of K-POP
because many Fan Clubs and fans were agree to give one day to the K-POP.
On April 30th, 2011, the page SM TOWN LIVE IN MEXICO [FANS] , achieved 10,000 likes for
consequently many pages and websites talk about our achievement, like SARANGKPOP,
KOREABOO talk about us when we reached the 11,000 likes (fans)
as well, We've achieved be on DAUM.NET
On April 4, 2011 . We've achieved for first time 90 secs of SUPER JUNIOR in TV AZTECA
a national TV show in Mexico
Also know as SUJU, Super Junior is a Pop group from Seoul, Super Junior have many
members, and I will try to mentioned them correctly:
We've achieved too 5 videos of K-POP in Mexican TV, The most popular K-Bands in Mexico
among them are : f(x), SHINee, and TVXQ
''If you feel in Danger, never doubt in call f(x), They can save you''
"SHINee, A group conformed by five teenagers, who debut in 2008,
and now, they are an succes in all Asia''
''TVXQ, Group specializing in dance, sing acapella, they are the group who more
photographies have in all the word 500,000,000 since 2003,
MIROTIC is the most famous song of TVXQ''
We also achieved 90 secs in national TV of TVXQ.
and on May 25th, day of the SHINee's Anniversary 90 secs of SHINe0e in national TV.
The name DBSK corresponds to the initials of DongBangShinKi, one of the most popular groups
of the moment. And one of the more recognized in all Asia, they have three record guiness
because they have the largest official fan club in all the world, called Cassiopeia
They're the most photographed artists with more than 500,000,000 photos
and for sell over 200,000 copies on 2010.
90 secs here, Korean Pop!
And now 90 secs of SHINee, They debuted 3 years ago, on May 25th, 2008.
Happy Birthday~!!
Their first appearance were in SBS Inkigayo with their single REPLAY
SHINee is integrated for:
And their name refers to the persons who receive the light
their fan club is called SHINee World and their integrants are more better know as Shawols
thanks to more than 50,000,000 of views on Youtube they are among the most
important groups of K-POP, 90 secs SHINee
Other of our achievements were be Trending Topic national and Global on Twitter
These are the projects by fans of the SMTOWN LIVE IN MEXICO
We will start explaining the first project , This project is about dances and songs
for support SM ENTERTAINMENT's artists