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I really like peaches.
I don't like eating it.
Peach, it's so pretty.
When you say it out loud, peach.
Peach, peach.
I think the word peach is really pretty.
Fluttering, fluttering.
Anything that makes my heart flutter these days?
Makes my heart flutter...
20's Spring
A little bit, personal story
Seoul \N Concert Poster Shooting
They knew each other from when they were in highschool.
When they turned 20, they began dating.
My father is my mother's first boyfriend.
\NRomantic, so she must feel like she's still a teen.
My mother is still in the stormy period.
She's still like that.
Still, and though she has two children.
she doesn't yield to us.
She's really like that.
I wasn't ever adored by anyone in my life.
And I'm the first born,
so not even from my parents.
when they told me to aim for a cute image, I didn't think I could.
I wasn't confident at all, I thought I wouldn't be able to do it.
I was worried how funny it would look in others' eyes.
At that time I still thought I was quite tall.
Real and fantasy, the two will be mixed.
There was a plan for this year.
Meeting people?
Yes, I get to see the people I see every day or just pass by.
There isn't much opportunity to get to know people.
I went to eat bulgogi.
Could you start to like someone while working with him?
There was a time, but it's just a fleeting moment.
When we're done, there isn't much chance to meet.
-Ji Eun, read that for me. \N -What?
I prefer anything to happen naturally.
If someone tells me he likes me, I always suddenly begin liking him back.
Me too.
-Whoever it is?\N-Whoever it is.\N-Including fans and singers?
You know, really it's all a matter of timing.
-I'll take some without it. \N-Yes.
Because of people, from people have you ever been hurt?
Problems in friendship, friends,
Oh I...
-Should I not do it? \N-It's alright.
I can't say anything about it.
People keep on making me lie.
there are many situations in which I have to lie because it's necessary.
I try to be vague.
the people who know can notice it.
Just yeah, that it looks soft.
But I really hated it.
From a long way back.
From the beginning,
my hands grew much slower than others.
From when I was young.
There were people who liked my small hands.
I was teased a lot.
I was this tall but my hands were even smaller than they are now.
It was really weird then, the proportions.
The hands that men really want to hold.
For real?
Men want that. Your hands will be held by someone.
What are you thinking about?
At the moment?
I'm really timid.
Really timid.
And really sensitive to the evaluations of me by the people I like.
I'm a bit like that.
I think it's alright to take a clean shot.
Could you do something about my dark circles?
Please print the one where my lips look puffy for me.
But I think I'll be really nice.
A lot.
Like, yeah I'll be really nice.
If it's decided?
If it's decided.
And I'll write letters frequently,
sing songs frequently.
write songs,
and record an album.
-You're going to Venice next week right? \N-Yes
-I'm going too.\N-Why?
-Too shoot you.\N-Oh you're really coming to shoot me?
-Together with the team?\N-Only one of the assistants are going.
Not many, just one with me.
Please print that one too.
Who wrote it last week?
Hyuk will go to the Venice business trip this time. I'm sorry to say but Seo Woo can't go.
To a person I like?
Distance myself from a person I like.
If it's a one-sided feeling, I think I would.
Excuse me.
A person that would divert my attention from a world totally different from this work.
I wish there were someone like that.
I'm going to Venice.
-You too? \N-For a vacation.
No, to work.
For how long?
-About 3 days? \N-3 days?
Isn't three days too tight?
One day.
So it's really just to work?
Couldn't we stay just two days longer?
You have too much schedule to pull off.
I think it's possible.
What should I do?
It makes me go crazy.
You keep catching my eye.
When you smile,
it makes me go crazy.
My heart keeps leading to you. \NIt makes me go crazy.
Monday, better day, a day that makes my heart flutter just like the first time.
Sunday, better day, a day I spend only thinking about you.
I get greedy, I want us to get closer just a little bit more.
Just one step closer, just that much. \N My monologues,
my whispers, you might be curious about them too.
It's because I like you.
Even though I have a cold expression,
it's really not how I feel, it's all lies.
I'm frustrated by how foolish you are.
It's because I like you so much.
Though I have a sullen expression.
Once again I wait, pondering what to do.
And at the end of the day, the words I say are
I love you.
One day, holiday, a day when I really don't want to be alone.
One day, cloudy day, a day when the sky looks like it's about to cry.
Tears are coming, tears just like my heavy heart are coming,
After holding back, my heart is pouring out.
All over the sky, all over the world.
It's not simply because I'm feeling sad.
It's because I like you.
Even though I have a cold expression,
it's really not how I feel, it's all lies.
I'm frustrated by how foolish you are.
It's because I like you so much.
Though I have a sullen expression.
Once again I wait, pondering what to do.
And at the end of the day, the words I say are
I love you.
On my lips are lies.
In my eyes there are the words I really want to say.
The words hidden in my heart.
It's because I like you so much.
Turn around and look at my slowing footsteps.
My heart is here waiting for you.
If you've watched over me, you will know.
It's because I don't know.
Tell me so I can hear your heart.
If you reach out, I think it will work out.
If the reason you hesitate is the same as me,
Please come closer to me.
I like this photo \N -Seo Hyun
Did Ji Eun go somewhere?
She went out for a minute.
-By herself? \N-Yes.
Is it alright for her to be outside alone?
She'll be back soon, she's just out front.
I hope she's not in danger?
Oh, Ji Eun.
Where have you been?
San Marco.
I followed a map.
I'm so tired.
I thought you weren't coming?
We have to get up early tomorrow for the shooting, so we need to go rest.
Let's go up.
5 o'clock sharp tomorrow.
Excuse me.
Your shoelace is untied.
You keep catching my eye.
The white face.
I don't get tired at all.
When you smile,
it makes me go crazy.
How can you be so pretty?
How should I explain this feeling?
When I look at you, my heart becomes numb.
What words could I use to describe you?
Perhaps the words in this world isn't enough.
Even when I'm standing still.
With those pretty legs,
you walk towards me and embrace me.
My heart keeps leading to you.
It makes me go crazy.
IU 20's Spring\NA little bit, personal story