Sara's Cooking Tips: How to Sweat an Eggplant

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Sara Angelo: Eggplant Parmesan is one of our best-selling meals. I'd like to show
you a little method that I'm sure you've heard of.
It's sweating the eggplant.
Okay, now we'll first want to cut the stem off on the top.
And you want to cut enough to where you're clearing all of the callecks? because you
don't want it. Sometimes you're going to have some of the stem a little hard so you'll want
to cut that off.
Now some people peel their eggplant. I leave the skin on.
I like the flavor. I like the taste. And also, there's a lot of vitamins.
So you want to slice it.
And when you slice it, you want to make it again as evenly as possible so everything
cooks evenly.
After you slice it, you want to sprinkle little salt on them. This is called sweating.
And why you do this is because it also releases some of the moisture. It gives it a kind of
a sweet flavor.
Now, the old Italian way is they put it into a colander.
Some people leave it on the board and let it sweat that way.
I put it on the colander because that was the way I was taught from grandma.
And then you put something heavy on it, a plate.
And let it sit there for awhile.
We want to put a plate underneath to catch all the moisture because it will sweat.
And you'll see the difference after you do that on the flavor of the eggplant. It makes
it kind of sweeter.
From here, you would go on further and maybe you want to do an eggplant parmesan or you
may want to do just put it in the oven with a little olive oil and garlic and just grill
Put it on the grill or whatever.
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