Dick Figures - Ocho Muerte (Ep #33)

Uploaded by MondoMedia on 17.05.2012

[Pink:] Blue, I didn't know you could cook.
[Brain:] I'm totally getting laid!
[Blue:] Oh yeah, just a little beef bourguinon.
Like our first date! [Pink:] Aw, that's so sweet!
[Crotch:] Goood job. (Knocking outside)
[Brain:] No! [Blue:] Dammit!
[Crotch:] Fuck!
[Blue:] Just un moment, mon petit cherie poo-poo.
[Brain:] My bad.
[Crotch:] Oh, real nice.
[Red:] 'Sup, bitch? [Blue:] Dude! Pink's over!
We're on a date! Now get the hell out of here!
[Red:] Hang on, I gotta check on my pet octopus.
"Ocho Muerte."
[Blue:] Your pet what?
[Pink:] (singing) I've gotta take a real fast dump,
doo-dah, doo-dah.
Boys can't know that girls go poop,
Oh what the fuck?
[Red:] She's released the Kraken!
[Blue:] Ah! Pink!
Are you kidding me? I locked myself out!
[Pink:] A little help!
[Red:] Yeah, she should be careful. I haven't fed that shit in like a week.
(Pink screaming)
[Pink:] The apartment's on fire!
[Blue:] Hang on! Red, give me your keys!
[Red:] Stacy said I should swallow them to keep them safe.
[Brain:] Aagh! [Blue:] Aagh!
[Crotch:] Fuck!
[Blue:] Come on, we can try the window!
Okay! I'll climb up! Spot me in case I fall.
[Red:] Nah. I'm gonna go eat trash out of the dumpster.
[Blue:] Why??
[Red:] So I can shit out my keys!
[Blue:] Oh my god.
[Red:] Oooh, that's where I left that burrito.
*stab* [Blue:] What was that?
(Red mumbling)
[Blue:] Ugh.
(TV: Shake it! Kick the face!)
[Jason:] Olivia Wilde, come on!
[Blue:] Uugh.
[Jason:] Y u no knock? [Mother:] Jason! Dinner!
[Jason:] I'm coming!
(Pink screams)
[Blue:] Pink! The window!
(Blue screaming)
[Red:] Where you going, man?
This dumpster's full of burritos!
[Blue:] (Groaning) ...Huh?
[Raccoon:] We meet again, Ocho Muerte.
(Pink crying)
[Blue:] Let's just order takeout.
[Red:] Want some?
[Blue:] No.
You have a knife in your head.
[Red:] YOU have a knife in your head!