Ja'mie King - Calling Mum (DVD Extra)

Uploaded by jtportland on 26.04.2008

What the fuck are you thinking sending me to a fucking public school!?
My God!
We don't need to do that, we have fucking money, whey the fuck am I here?
What did you want? To fuck up my education? Seriously.
I'm in year 11, it's like the second most important year of my life
and I'm fucking hanging out in some fucking hole!
Get your fucking boney ass in the BMW now
and get on the fucking freeway and pick me up!
It was your fucking idea! You were like: "Oh Ja'mie, you gotta go,
you gotta go to the school, it will be such an educational experience for you. oh my god."
I can't believe how low I've had to stoop to hang out with these skanks.
Seriously I'm like totally faking it
I'm like, "Oh you guys are so cool," and they are just fucking bogans.
And I don't want to be friends with them!
Stop fucking talking to me, and get me out of here!
You could fucking be halfway here by now.
You don't have to do the afternoon shift.
Seriously mum it's a shop, no one goes in there anyway.
You don't need to work, we're rich, just don't turn up.
Mum, please... seriously.
Come on.
Get in the fucking car mum please!
What the fuck are you doing, stop talking shit and get in the fucking car!
You are such a dumb bitch mum, seriously.
Do you want to fucking divorce you or something cus i will have not hesitation doing that.
Mum seriously, i'm going to start hyperventilating in a minute
I did not bring my puffer today, I'm going to have an asthma attack and die and it will be your fault!
Do you want me to kill your Budgee?
I'll fucking kill your Budgee. Seriously, i don't care, i'm going to fucking kill her.
Cus you're a bitch. Cus you're a selfish bitch
And you're not saving me from the worst day of my life
I am not going to fucking see the school counselor you bitch!
I'm not fucking going psycho
I'm just surrounded by fucking bogan skanky bitchs!
That's why I need to get out of this fucked up place.
Do you have any idea how I'm feeling right now? I have like not fucking friends.
Do you want me to smash my Blackberry? I'm going to fucking smash by Blackberry and
you are going to buy me a new one. Is that what you want? I'm going to fucking smash it!
That was me fucking smashing it, did you hear that?
It's fucked... doesn't work. Buy me a new one.
What do I need to do?
I can't like fucking wander the streets of some fucking dumb ass bogan suburb.
Mum, please! If I fuck up my education I will end up like...
fucking sucking cock in some allyway somewhere and it will be your fault!
Mummy, please. Come on.
I'll be really nice to you if you come and get me.
Yea... we can like hang out and stuff.
I wouldn't call you a bitch.
No, it will be really cool, we can go shopping and stuff. Oh come on mum...
Jamie wants you to come pick her up.
Just get in the car. Come on.
Come on mum. Mummy... Please.
You know you want to help me out.
NO I am not fucking taking the train home you fucking bitch!
No! The train stations here are like fucked up
mum, I'm going to get raped and probably get fucking pregnant
and then you'll fucking be raising the baby.
From the fucking guy at the train station!