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Hello and welcome to the Tuesday Show
if you're not familiar, my name is Philip DeFranco
and this show really isn't a show
it's just me talking about some of the stuff that mattered in the news to me starting with
:Lost actor Matthew Fox is in the news today
because he punched a lady
bus driver in the chest
according to reports earlier this morning, Matthew Fox
wanted to get onto a bus, lady bus driver said
"Sorry Matthew Fox, all you had
to do was uncork the island
how stupid is that? and also
this bus has been rented by a private party and are not able
to board." to which apparently Matthew Fox said
:"Bitch please, I'm going to punch you in the chest"
to which the female bus driver retaliated
by punching Matthew Fox in the face
broke her hand on his face
so yeah that's how we're starting today off
but we move on to an update of yesterday's story
about Hurrican Irene and everything that happened
because of it, and we knew that the damage
in Vermont was probably the greatest out
of all the places, but holy
wow all these videos that have been
uploaded up to the web in the past two days are insane
I can't even imagine
how much money it's going to cost to rebuild
a lot of these things, so thoughts going out to you
guys in Vermont, New Jersey was hit
pretty bad, crazy crazy stuff
news that's really not that suprising
there is a pr0n shut down because of
another case of HIV
who didn't see that coming?
the adult entertainment is not currently giving out the name
age or gender of the person that has HIV
just saying that they're going shut down while they double check
the tests and then test the rest of their actors
and it boils down to an arguement that many
people are having, should condoms be made
manditory for adult entertainment
the health advocacy group saying that they should wear condoms
have the same kind of idea as
the rules that require nurses to wear gloves in hospitals
when dealing with bodily fuild
and the truth is that these actors when they are off set
you don't know what they're sticking it in
even if they got tested every other day
they could spread it, and the arguement for the anti-condom
people saying "It's just as fun"
and I get that, that's a good arguement, personally
I don't care, and I don't know what do you think
should they have to wear condoms or no?
I mean I think you're talking to/hitting on
pr0n star you know what's up, but Nation
what do you think? and we move on to a
First Amendment update, a few weeks back
we talked about a guy that was recording cops
kind of being rough, during an arrest
at a park, the cop asked the guy to back away
he did but he continued filming
the cop, who here on out we will call Officer McGee
then arrested said person, the police saying
the arrest was justified because the recording was secret