Setting a World Record - Spinkings Academy Episode 6

Uploaded by RedBullMusic on 29.05.2012

This is my training room, here time and space don’t exist, there are no clocks at all.
In 2008 I made 27 ‘ninety’ twists and it happened by chance:
I came in this room, I was angry and I wasn’t thinking about anything in particular.
I put my camera on the ground, I turned the music on and then I started pushing without thinking.
I had spun for a long time but I didn't realize it at the moment. When I stopped I said to myself: ”Gosh, maybe I’ve set the record”
UK B-Boy Championship 2010, I made the Guinness World Record on stage during the world event.
This record is not that important for me, but it’s part of my style.
I always use it when I go onstage and I’m part of the panel of judges. Here it is.
Well, the moment when you go down and then…up! You start to fly. That feeling drives me crazy.
I took a run and then I slid on my knees, and I enjoyed the moment.
I try to twist with the top of my elbow, but it’s not the elbow-twist that goes like this. It’s like this.
This new step is called Elbow Extreme. I made it for the first time during a Final in Germany,
I started with the Windmill and then I put my elbows on the ground but I slipped and broke my ligaments.
This injury scared me, but I want to regain confidence, and feel confident it again.
No one else does it, this is a record I set and a move I invented.
It’s personal, and I want to bring it to competitions and to the world stages. That’s when you show your control.
I have it...I was holding it in my grasp. After the second one I knew that’s mine.
Here we go.
You can either do it or not, “if” doesn’t exist. Only training exists, because you have to feel the move.
I have it, I have it.