Case study: Solving Australia's energy puzzle

Uploaded by cefgovau on 18.07.2011

My name is Alex Wonhas, I'm the director of the Energy Transformed Flagship in CSIRO.
We are really trying to solve Australia's energy puzzle, and trying to develop the new
energy technologies that we hope will ultimately power this nation. I think the energy industry
overall is really at the cusp of a massive transformation. It's going to be a transformation
that's probably similar to the introduction of electricity or industrialisation. I think
it presents a really massive opportunity for Australia, because when you look at our continent,
it has massive resources of any form of energy that you can think of. And that can obviously
be our advantage today, but I think we can also turn that into maybe an export opportunity
for the future. Take solar as an example; we have one of the
best solar resources on the whole planet. And when you actually look at how much available
land we have, per capita, it's by an order of magnitude more than almost any other country.
And I think that creates an opportunity for us to really exploit this resource and turn
it into a real benefit. What really motivates me here is to make a
really positive contribution to the future of this nation, and ultimately the future
of this planet. Because we know we need those new technologies
and playing a small part in helping to find those solutions I find that extremely satisfying.
And it gives me also hope, frankly, for my children that they will live in a positive
and liveable and sustainable future. I guess every generation has its challenge,
but I think the transformation to a clean energy future it's going to be our challenge.