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It is a rope, not a pearl necklace. Pull it!
And you're a cook, not a captain.
And you, little doctor.
What are you waiting on? A written invitation?
- No, I thought-- - Don't think! Do! Work together!
Providence is all you have. Learn to work hard.
- More than that, learn to love her. - Come on!
- I said pull! - Yes, I am.
- Here, let me help. - Ah, that's good. That's good.
- Together! - Now tie it off.
- No. No! Like I showed you. - A knot's a knot, right?
No. A knot is not just a knot.
At sea, your life could depend on these things.
Now, let's try again.
- Food! Got to keep you fed. - Ah, at last.
Keep your energy up. If you're going to sail this ship, anyway.
We must find a decent-sized port.
- Azila. Isn't that where you're from? - Bharuch is closer.
What, you're our leader now?
- Bharuch is closer. - Good.
The sooner we get there, the sooner we go our own ways.
But this is an adventure... Like in a book. Don't you think?
We have nothing in common.
- You all survived a storm. - She is right.
We all travel different paths.
Look, what happened to your sense of adventure? Huh?
- That, my friends, is freedom! - Adventure is best left in books.
Before we go anywhere,
we need to go ashore for fresh water and supplies.
From these charts, I think that's the island of Sindh.
According to this,
the country was laid to waste and is now populated only by wolves.
Ha! Wolves or not, we still go ashore tomorrow.
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Ah! My dear brother, you're just in time for the grand unveiling.
This will be my legacy. A place of learning, science, beauty--
The most modern city in the world.
While you play with your toys, my son's murderer escapes from my grasp.
Just use the palace guard. Turn the city upside down, if you will.
- Sinbad has already fled. - Someone must know where. His family?
Your excellence, if you would only countenance the use of magic...
And who are you to even talk to the Emir of Basra?
Remove her from our presence.
- She says that-- - Akbari...
The dark arts eat at a man's soul.
You have lost enough.
All that is humanly possible will be done.
Have patience, brother.
We will find this Sinbad, in time, wherever he is.
- You can find Sinbad. - Master--
Answer me.
A thousand apologies. My concerns are nothing before your grief.
- It can be done, but-- - Then do whatever is needed.
Use the black arts.
- Your brother is wise to be wary. - Bring him to me.
I am only your servant.
How did you get in here?
It's OK. It's all right.
Move... I'll open your veins.
Wake up!
They're just kids!
- My father's dagger! - Shh, not now!
It's precious!
Get out. Now!
- What is it? - Nothing.
For your sins, you cannot set foot on land
for more than one cycle of the sun.
This is my curse.
Move. Go!
What happened to Cook?
Who is she?
What are you waiting for? Praise?
Never, My Queen.
Men, come forward.
Come on! Now!
Not you. Get back.
The fair one.
Cage the rest.
- Bring the Northman! Cage the others. - Come on.
- And who are you? - Be quiet, or you die!
Leave him! I am Razia,
Queen of the Water Thieves.
- Who are you? - He's no-one, Your Majesty!
I know what I'm doing. I am Sinbad!
Should I have heard of you?
Ha! Whether you have or not, you will never forget me.
I'll take him. He has a sense of humour...
and promises to keep.
Let them feed! Only bread for now.
You have done well. We have taken a new ship,
have fresh supplies.
Your queen will see that you are rewarded.
Tonight, we shall eat meat again!
My chambers.
I'm hungry myself.
Luck's in. Your friends did not find my emergency supplies.
Something is missing.
Try? Ah, poison?
You're teasing my pet.
Don't worry.
Those chains were forged by the pagan smith of Lahore.
Who's worried?
It takes more than an oversized budgie to scare me.
Once she flew free over the city-- Symbol of an age of reason.
But now the city is dust, she is mine.
So much for enlightenment.
You wanted me to choose you. Why?
You're a very attractive woman.
A little heavy on the war paint, maybe.
Let me help you.
You thought that you could overpower me and escape.
Well? What are you waiting for, Sinbad?
No, you've got the wrong end of the stick.
- He made her choose him. - He has a plan.
I'm sure he does.
- To save his own skin. - I would do the same.
- You would? - Why not?
Because... I thought we all basically got on!
That fate had thrown us all together?
To live together happily ever after? A merry band of adventurers?
- So what? - So... Tonight they eat meat.
- Sinbad will come for us. I know it. - If it helps, let him hope.
Like a rabbit in a trap hopes.
Shut up.
- Why did you bring me here? - For my pleasure.
Why did you wish to come?
There was a spark.
You felt it too.
And why me?
- You have men here. - Of a sort.
I must be untouchable to them. Show no favour. No weakness.
I understand.
I'm a leader as well.
And yet, you left your friends!
No, not friends-- Crew.
- Oh. - Misfortune brought us together.
Misfortune binds people together. A leader knows this.
A leader would risk their own life to save their people,
not desert them in their hour of need
for a... Oh! What was it?
- A spark. - Yeah, a spark!
Nothing to do with saving your own skin at all.
What do you take me for?
Possibly a thief.
Definitely a chancer.
Never a leader.
Anything else, well...
you'll have to prove.
You! You fight tonight!
With him.
Erm... Sorry...
If there's a choice, I'd rather not fight either.
You will fight tonight or I kill you now.
I'll fight the boy! It's a fairer match.
We shall find something else for you.
Good thinking. We go along with it till we're armed,
then we make a break for it, right?
Why won't you fight?
You're afraid of me.
- I fear nothing. - I don't think so.
You care for yourself too much. You forget your friends.
Murder me in my bed with a blunt fork?
By the time you've broken my skin,
I would have perforated your gut with this.
You're playing with me.
I like you.
- And that's what, flirting? - I don't get out much.
If that's supposed to bring you luck...
- It's cursed. - Tell me more.
I can't stay on land for longer than a day and a night.
You have a lot in common.
Both in chains, both mine.
I understand. We are all prisoners of a kind.
This is who you really are.
Was once, in another life. My heart was open.
And now?
At the risk of lecturing you again, every leader plays a part.
After a while, you become the mask.
The heart closes.
It's me.
- Sinbad's-- - Little fat friend.
That was a while ago. Uh, the knife?
You have to leave.
The palace guards are looking for anybody who knows Sinbad.
His mother is not safe.
If I can find you both, so can they.
He will take her.
His caravan leaves for--
Don't tell me. It's safer.
You should go with her. Akbari will show no mercy.
I must wait here for Sinbad.
I'll clean up.
What's the rush?
Take your hands off me.
I've got things to do.
And mouths to feed.
You, who won't fight. Come with me.
Move, Norse girl!
Time to dress for dinner!
- Where are they taking him? - First course.
- We have got to get out of here! - But Sinbad will come.
Your faith is touching. The lock?
- Can't pick it. - Rock it.
- Side to side! Come on! - Yes, yes, we can roll it.
Roll it out of here? Great idea.
Through the city, past the Water Thieves,
and down into the sea, where we could drown.
So, what?
We wait for them to throw us in a pot?
- Oh my god. - So come on!
She's pulling, you're pushing!
Do something together and we might get out of here!
Thirsty, are you?
Here you go.
Come on.
Her lovers.
I don't think so, friend.
What is it?
Are you jealous?
I am her son.
- But the way she treats you... - Razia favours none,
puts nothing, nobody, before the needs of her people.
As my father discovered for himself.
That is a strength.
She shows no favour.
Unlike some, she would never have left us to our fate to save herself.
She will cut your throat.
Tonight, after the feast.
The others, they don't know that you're her son?
Why should they? 'Tis of no importance.
She loves us all as one.
Enjoy your last night in this world.
There was a time we had nothing.
But I found you, bound you together.
Your faith will be repaid, as we feast on meat!
You could have died a man, if you'd fought.
Right, my friend.
No weapons, one rule: To the death.
- If I win? - You live longer.
You want some, er...?
Well, it's been a while since you had some of this, isn't it?
Come on!
This is ridiculous. Look, will you move, please?
Move! You have to help me!
Oh, I see.
You can't go, so why let me? Huh? Is that it?
Well, you listen to me.
I cannot die here. I haven't even lived.
And if I don't leave land by sunrise, this curse will kill me.
But you, even if you die here,
at least you'd have tasted freedom once.
Not me. Not me.
And I will never see my friends again.
Great. Great. Thank you very much.
Now she's going to cut my throat, like I was nothing more than a beast.
Let the fight begin!
- What are you doing? - Every man for himself.
Thank you. Thank you! Thank you!
- Hit her! - She's a woman!
- Kiss? - You're not my type.
Rina, what are you doing? Just wait.
Just calm down and think about this for a second!
You're biting my ear!
Rina! I can't breathe. Rina!
Ri... Rina.
Rina, Sinbad! It's Sinbad!
Still want that kiss?
No, Gunnar! Don't!
Gunnar, don't.
Stop! Get up, you idiot.
Enough! Stop! Stop!
Razia, all we want is to leave in peace.
- Let us go, and he lives. - You are too weak.
And the great Razia has no weakness, shows no favour?
This is her son!
Is this true?
Even if it was, I care for you all equally.
Prove it. Put our needs
before those of your son. Huh? Huh?
Kill him. Show us your strength.
Look! Look! Her face! See? Huh?
Come on! Let's go!
- Where's Sinbad? - He was with us!
We can't just leave him!
I am your leader now!
Where's Sinbad?
- Go with the others! - What about Razia?
Her time is done. I'll see to it.
Ah, ah, ah, shh!
Here, look, I've got the key! OK?
Go, go! Move! Come on!
I need...
That's it. Go.
Go, fly!
I've risked my life to come back and free you.
So fly!
Fly! Freedom!
I gave them order.
Without me, they'd be nothing again.
They'd tear each other apart.
You are wrong.
It is you who needs them. Open your heart... again.
They will love you without the mask.
I am Razia... Queen of the Water Thieves.
Ha! Whoo-hoo!
I killed your son!
Now I come for you.
Let's see you try, fool.
Throw down the rope!
Heave! And heave! And heave!
Tie it off.
- There's not enough wind! - You won't sail, not without him.
- Sinbad, swim! - Swim, Sinbad! Swim!
That's why you went back?
Still no wind! We'll never outrun them!
What happened to the guards they left on the ship?
Where next?
First, we clear the coast.
- Then? - Freedom.
- Come on, Sinbad. - Give me a hand.
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