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Uploaded by tinni5 on 28.06.2008

i'll tell you what blood
your not
i'll leave a stock to your boat(??)
live a life for live a life
light like a
you think your heavy as fuck mate,
you've not see it
i'm heavy as a
you smoke the budda it's pukka
i smelt that shit mate,
i smelt it it's ranka
you think your bad but
you think that your what?
you comes to newton
yeah you getting
one smack
one bat
one gat
world(??) with the floor
but your world went black
nigga that for(??)
but he didn't deserve that
i'll put it on a silver plate
now serve that!
and it comes to the clash
i'll come to your mum
i'll give your mum a fanny rash
that four foot dash(??)
you think your bad
i'm going to get you
zipped up into a body bag
fall for the ducky what??
your mum's a slut
i'll hit you with a brick
then i'll hit you with a stick
your mum's a porn star
and she sucks