Muslim fashion 2011. Part I

Uploaded by VestnikKavkaza on 02.06.2011

Our fashion show opens with the collection of the Irada trade mark of Russia.
These are modest but comfortable and stylish clothes.
The first collection is entitled Refreshing coolness.
These Muslim clothes are produced in Russia.
Experience and modern technologies guarantee that any item suits a woman perfectly.
Designers create models of hijabs in sober earnest.
Hijabs meet Shariah standards and follow the fashion tendencies of the season.
Let's watch. Refreshing coolness by Irada, Russia.
In modern times of globalization, when in any city you can see various modes of dress,
I return their own peculiar features to my people.
Wherever I am, my mysterious homeland Iran beckons me,
as well as Kurdistan with its cuts, silhouettes, ornaments and finery.
Flames of fire where passion is hypercharged reflects a distinctness of golden light,
the birth of new unique images and a feeling of hot fluorescence.
Let's watch the Flames of Fire collection, the designer is Saherra Rahmani.