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We will now begin the Master exam.
As you two already know, this exam will decide your ultimate fate.
You will each be tested on the strength of your heart as a keyblade bearer,
and judged to see if you are fit to become a Master.
I am pleased to inform you that Master Xehanort has offered to be a judge of your skills.
Are both your hearts prepared?
Then, we will begin.
Don't worry about me!
Just concentrate on the exam!
But, it's dangerous here, Ven!
Go back and wait in your room!
No way! I've been looking forward to the day you guys become Masters!
I wanna see it with my own eyes!
Ven'll be fine.
He's been training with us, afterall.
Be careful, Ven!
Despite the unexpected circumstances, your hearts remained calm and you handled the situation very well.
We will now continue the exam.
Next, I will observe your abilities in a battle against each other.
The goal is to defeat your opponent through a mixture of strength and clever tactics.
I will now announce the results of the exam.
Terra, your skills far surpassed Aqua's...
However, this time, Aqua is the one who will become a Master.
Terra, you used the darkness of your heart and thus have failed.
I expect you will try harder for the next time. That is all.
Aqua, I will now inform you on your new duties as a Keyblade Master. Please wait here.
I thought Terra would--
There's darkness...in my heart?
How do you think Ventus did?
Not even close.
I need to teach him some discipline.
Not here. It'd be troublesome if you were caught.
I know.
I wanted to set him off on a journey, anyways.
Sorry...I need to be alone.
Hurry up, Ventus.
Who're you?!
You won't get to see Terra ever again.
Huh? What're you talkin' about? Of course I'll see him again!
Follow Terra, and you'll see for yourself...
how Terra won't be Terra anymore.
I don't know who you are, but you don't know anything about Terra!
Terra and I are connected! I'll get real mad if you keep badmouthing him!
How stupid. Is that what they call "friendship"?
You can't know the truth unless you see it for yourself.
How will you understand anything if you stay cooped up in this small world?
I'm fine.
Wait, Ven!
Who're you?
I'm Ventus. You can call me Ven--
It's a thief! Hide!!
Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.
So you didn't come here to steal our jewels?
Ouch. You don't have to treat me like a thief.
I'm looking for someone.
His name's Terra.
He wears clothes like mine and is about this tall--
As if we'd know!
You won't fool me!
Ne-Never heard of 'im!
It's kinda hard to talk to you like this, so could you come out?
It's a trap! No one move!
Alright. Then I'll go over there!
Trust me!
I'm not a thief!
That's what all thiefs say!
You won't fool me!
I'll leave already.
Oh, yeah.
Are there any other people around here?
There's a castle right outside the forest.
Ok. Thanks.